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Amazing Dave

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Mobile Dangerous Dave is Like PC based Dangerous Dave, Traditional platform game; Funny game too. Your aim is to collect as many points as possible and manage to get to the last level. You will start your mission from the first level and have to reach your goals up to 6th Level; At each Level you will get obstacles, enemies attack and all. You have to overcome from all the difficult situation and have to complete each Level to grab your goal. Here too it will be necessary to you with a gun in hands to pass, battling to enemies, overcoming various obstacles, collecting cartridges and simply collecting points. You should jump on branches of trees to jump through precipices and many other things. Game simple, but fascinating and that who likes Mobile-game playing, this game should too it is pleasant! So start your mission, Best of luck!

Compatible Devices

FlyFly V100
HTCTouch/6900, Touch Dual/P5500
LGU880, U8360, U8330, U8210, U8180, U8138, U8130, U8120, U8110, u 400, M4410, KU385, KP260
MotorolaV975 (Tyax), V80, V600, V551, V525, V500, V400, V360, V303, V300, V1050, RAZR V3 (D&G), RAZR L6, Q9, MPX200, i920B, E680i, E680, E398, E1120, E1060, E1 (RokR), C975 (Tyax), A840, A835, A760
NokiaN93, N92, N73, N72, N71, N 95, E50, 7600, 7370, 7360, 7280, 7270, 7260, 6822, 6651, 6650, 6288, 6282, 6280, 6275i, 6275, 6270, 6265i, 6255i, 6255, 6235i, 6235, 6234, 6233, 6170, 6165, 6155i, 6155, 6151, 6136, 6131, 6125, 6124c, 6111, 6103, 6102, 6101, 6086, 6070, 6061, 6060, 6030, 6021, 6020, 5140i, 5140, 3220
O2Xda Flint
Samsungz 500, SGH-L170, SGH-D820, SGH-D800, SCH-U550, SCH-U520, SCH-U340
SonyEricssonZ600, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z500a, Z500, z 800 organic, W950, W880, W800, W750i, W600c, v 800 organic, T637, T630, T628, T610, S500c, P200, M600, K800, K750, K508, k506, K500i, k500, K300c, K300a, J300a, F500i, f500, C123 A

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Astrology series theme, funny and stylish!