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Whether you are an experienced musician or don't have a musical bone in your body, you can make great music on your Pocket PC

Aurora is our pattern based musical sequencing software for the Pocket PC. By simply choosing a musical scale every note you play is in perfect tune, leaving you to make your own great sounding music.

If you are a more accomplished musician you simply switch Aurora to advanced mode and you get full control over the built in instruments and effects, as well as many advanced modes such as the Atomizer and XY Mode which allows you to manipulate sound in real-time. You can create your own instrument from recordings made using the built in microphone. Just think, a full drum kit of you beatboxing into the microphone!

Aurora allows a mixture of pattern based recording and live performance. You can piece together complete compositions or simply improvise a performance. All of which can be captured to a file, for use as a ringtones, or to share with others.

An integrated mixer, combined with the ability to add audio effects and layer automation means that you achieve a sophisticated sound in a fun and user friendly way.

Create up to 32 patterns with seamless transitions.
Up to 14 layers (instruments) per pattern can be used.
Song creation of up to 199 patterns.
Choose between Basic and Advanced modes.
Many popular musical scales available.
Interchangeable instruments (drum kits, synthesizers and samplers).
Layer Automation, allows real-time manipulation of program parameters,
XY Mode allows smooth transitions between instruments, panning and effects etc.
Atomizer mode allows real-time splicing and looping of audio.
Full instrument editing and user patch creation.
Real time key and tempo changes.
Sample your own instruments using the internal microphone.
Import samples to create new sampler and drum kits patches.
Full sample loop editing.
Add effects such as echo, reverb, phaser and filters etc.
Transpose song and pattern function.
Full Cut, Copy and Paste of patterns and layers.
Fully integrated help and Guided Tour feature.
Record to file functionality for exporting your masterpiece.
Integrated 14 channel Mixer.
Each layer can have different note lengths (from whole to 1/64th notes).
Definable visual layer effects.
Sample Accurate Timing.
Fully configurable audio settings.

Compatible Devices

CompaqIPAQ H3835
GenericWindows Mobile
HPiPAQ Voice Messenger, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ rw6800, IPAQ hx2795, IPAQ hx2790, IPAQ hx2495, IPAQ hx2490, IPAQ hw6940, iPAQ hw692x, IPAQ hw6920, iPAQ HW6915, iPAQ HW6515, iPAQ HW6510, iPAQ HW6500, IPAQ h6325, ipaq H6320, iPAQ H6300 series, iPAQ H5450 series, iPAQ 6900
HTCX7510 (Advantage), X7500, X02HT, X01HT, Wizard/Prodigy, Wave, VPA Touch, Volans (Softbank X03HT), Vogu100 P3050, V7505 (Vodafone s710), Universal, undefined, TyTN II (Pilgrim/Tilt), TyTN II, Typhoon, Trinity, TouchDual (Nike), Touch/6900, Touch Pro (Raphael 100), Touch HD T8285, Touch HD T8282 (BlackStone), Touch Dual/P5520, Touch Dual/P55
i-matePDAL, PDA L, K-JAM, JASJAR, JASJAM (Hermes), JAQ3, JAQ, JamIn (Dopod 830), JamIn, JAM
O2XphoneII, XM, xda-orbit, Xda Zinc, Xda Trion, XDA Stealth, XDA Serra, Xda Phone, Xda Orion, Xda Orbit II, Xda Orbit, Xda Neo white, Xda Neo Orbit, Xda Neo, Xda Mini S, Xda mini, XDA Mantle, Xda IQ, Xda IIs, Xda IIi, Xda II mini, Xda II, XDA Ignito, Xda Graphite, Xda Flint, Xda Flame, Xda exec, XDA Diamond Pro, XDA Diamond, Xda Cosmo, XDA C
OrangeSPV M1500
SamsungSGH-i908 (Omnia), SGH-I907 (Epix), SGH-i637 (BlackJack), SGH-i607 (BlackJack), SGH-F488 (TOUCHWiZ), SGH i900v (OMNIA), SGH i900 (OMNIA), SGH I617 (BlackJack II), SCH-U706 (Muse), SCH-I910 (Omnia), GT-I8910 (Omnia HD), GT-i8000 (Omnia II), GT B7320 (OmniaPRO)
Sprint6700 (Apache)
T-MobileSidekick II, Sidekick 3, Shadow II / Cleopatra, Shadow, SDA, Opal, myTouch, MDA Vario V, MDA Vario IV, MDA Vario III, MDA Vario II, MDA Vario, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Touch, MDA Pro, MDA III, MDA Compact IV, MDA Compact III, MDA compact II, MDA Compact, MDA Ameo, MDA, Juno, G2 Touch (HTC Sappire), G2 Touch, G1
VerizonTouch Pro2 XV6875, Palm Treo 700WX
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas), v1640, v1510
Windows MobilePocket PC

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