Garbage Pail Kid Creator

Garbage Pail Kid Creator
neXva Inc.

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"Remember the Garbage Pail Kids and collecting all those cards?
Well now you can have the Official Garbage Pail Kids Creator iPhone application that lets you jump into the action!
In 'Photoizer' you can take a picture or choose from your library of photos to actually become one of the Garbage Pail Kids!
Choose from tons of authentic GPK items:
• Heads
• Hair
• Bodies
• Legs
• Hands
• Feet
• Background Scenes
Then, name your card and send it to friends!
Also, you can upload your creations to the world wide gallery for the whole world to see!
Be sure to check out the full version with additional features: Garbage Pail Kids: Kid Creator"

Compatible Devices

AppleQuickTime Agent, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad
GoogleGooglebot iPhone

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