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"AstroloPhone is a shareware application for the calculation and interpretation of birth astrology charts.
* Store multiple birth dates in 'profiles'.
* Calculate and view the positions for the Sun, Moon and planets as they are in the Zodiac for a birth date and time.
* Calculation of the House Cusps using one of a variety of common calculation methods.
* Calculation of the Aspects.
* View the chart drawing.
* Interpretive texts for the Sun, Moon and planet positions, the house positions, and the aspects.
* Perform a comparison of two birth dates and view interpretation.
* Integration with the database of world locations web service for finding the correct location of birth (used for calculating house cusps).

Compatible Devices

BlackBerryZ10, KBD
GenericJ2ME Midlet, Generic
NokiaX2-05, X2-00, N2700 Classic, C3-00
Research In Motion Ltd.PM-8920
RIMPlayBook, Generic, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Q10, Blackberry Bold Touch 9930, BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, Blackberry 9981, BlackBerry 9930, BlackBerry 9900, BlackBerry 9860, BlackBerry 9850, BlackBerry 9810, BlackBerry 9800 (Torch), BlackBerry 9800, BlackBerry 9790, BlackBerry 9780, Blackberry 9720, BlackBerry 9700a