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"What iCloseBy is and why you need to INSTALL and USE iCloseBy today:

iCloseBy is introducing a new concept to social networking. iCloseBy is not a location based white board, restaurant finder or way to stay in contact with friends you already know. These GPS based location applications for social networking are missing 90% of the people you want to meet. The people with laptops, desktops or iPod Touch devices that do not have GPS hardware built in. How do you meet someone on a laptop at a cafe or bar with GPS based applications? You CAN'T!!! There are many limitations to the existing GPS based software like working inside buildings or often in big cities where satellite access is obscured by tall buildings. Often the GPS resolution is not detail enough to pinpoint withing 50 feet where you are. These GPS location based applications also require a connection to the internet. This might not be accessible or may be costly to access.

The biggest limitation to GPS based social networking software is being overwhelmed by tens of thousands of people all within a city block of YOU! There is no way of sorting through that mess of people. Are they really there?

Compatible Devices

AppleQuickTime Agent, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad
GoogleGooglebot iPhone