Wicked Cartoons

Wicked Cartoons

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Wicked Cartoons It's wicked, it's fun... Get your Wicked Cartoons now! Swipe through the most wicked and colorfully illustrated cartoons that will bring you a definite laugh and a lasting grin. Be prepared to absorb the humor with a twist as you slide through the cartoons with ease. Be wicked! Get Wicked Cartoons.

Compatible Devices

AcerS120 (Liquid Metal), S110 (Stream), Acer S100 (Liquid), Acer E310
AndroidSDK, qsd8250_surf, Generic (Axis), Generic, Dev Phone 1
ArchosA70HB, A70BHT, A101IT, 5
AsusAndroid eeepc
Cincinnati BellBlaze
DellStreak 7, Streak
DopodA6288, A3288
EraG2 Touch, G1
Garmin-AsusA50, A10
GoogleNexus One, Ion
HTCWildfire, Vision, Tattoo, Supersonic, S510e, Pyramid, PC36100 (EVO 4G), PB99400 (Incredible), Passion, Nexus One, Magician, Magic, Liberty, Legend, Incredible (Verizon Droid Incredible), HT-03A, Hero, Glacier, Fiesta, Espresso, Droid Eris, Dream, DoCoMo 03A, Desire Z, Desire S, Desire HD, Desire ADR6200, Desire, Buzz, Bravo, Bahamas, ADR64
HuaweiVodafone 845, U8230 (T-Mobile Pulse), U8230, U8220 (Pulse), M860, Ideos, Comet
KyoceraM6000 (Zio)
LenovoOMS Android, 3GW100
LGVS660, P990, P509, P500h, P350, MS690, LU3100, LU2300, LS670, KU3700, KH5200, GW620F, GW620, GT540, C710h, C710 (Aloha), Aloha, Ally
LGUPlusLGUPlus/Android/Webviewer, LGUPlus/Android/WebKit
MotorolaZeppelin, XT800, XT720, XT702 (Milestone), XT300, Xoom, X701, Sholes Tablet, Sholes, MT710, Motus, Moto MB300 (Backflip), Morrison, Milestone XT720, Milestone, ME600, ME501, MB860, MB611, MB525 (DEFY), MB511 (Ruth), MB502, MB501, MB300 (Backflip), MB200 (Cliq), i1 (Opus One), DroidX, DROID PRO, Droid 2, Calgary, A953 (MILESTONE 2), A854, A
OperaMini 5
PantechSKY IM-A630K Izar, SKY IM A600S (Sirius)
SamsungSPH-M920, SPH-M910 (Intercept), SPH-M900 (Moment), SPH-D700 (Epic 4G), SKY IM-A650S (SKY Vega), SHW-M130L (Galaxy U), SHW-M130k, SHW M110S (Galaxy S), SHW M100S (Galaxy A), SGH-T959V, SGH-T959 (Vibrant), SGH-I897 (Galaxy S Captivate), SGH T939 (Behold2), SCH-R910, SCH-R880 (Acclaim), SCH-I500 (Fascinate), GT-S5830, GT-S5660, GT-S5570, GT-P
SonyEricssonX10iv (Xperia X10), X10iv (Xperia 10), X10i (Xperia X10), X10a (Xperia X10), X10a (Xperia 10), U20i (Xperia X10 Mini pro), U20i, SO-01B (Xperia X10), SO-01B, LT15i, E15iv (Xperia X8), E15i (Xperia X8), E15a (Xperia X8), E10i (Xperia X10 Mini), E10i, E10a (Xperia X10 Mini), E10a (Xperia X10 Mini pro)
T-MobilePulse Mini, Pulse, Opal, myTouch4G, myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch, Garminfone, G2 Touch, G1
Taiwan MobileT1
VerizonDroid2, Droid
ZTEVF945, V9, MTC 918 (ZTE Racer), MTC 916 (ZTE Joe), Link, Blade

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