Automilez - Mobile GPS Mileage Logging

Automilez - Mobile GPS Mileage Logging
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Automilez enables you to simply and easily capture and log mileage for international tax, US tax, or business purposes through the GPS on your iPhone.

When running, automilez will automatically track your road distance while you drive and generate detailed mileage logs after every trip, giving you the detailed mileage substantiation needed at tax time and beyond.

Automilez replaces the hassle of manually writing paper logs with the simple click of a button!

Automilez iPhone application key features:

- Set distance calculations by Kilometers, Miles -US Tax Rates, or Miles - Non US Tax Rates
- Integrated Odometers for all trips, through automatic prompt or while in trip
- Ability to set & over-ride trip mileage/distance both in odometer and on automatic trips
- Automatically estimates End odometer when start odometer is entered
- Automatic GPS location tracking while the app is running, no need to choose your start location or destination
- Resumes automatically after passing through areas with low or no network coverage, or after the application is closed and is re-launched
- Simple, clean and intuitive interface
- Selection of trip type and corresponding deduction rate (based on current IRS mileage categories: Business, Medical, Charitable, Moving)
- Selection of non-deductible category for general mileage logging
- Selection of trip purpose and ability to add in custom notes
- Dashboard with year-to-date accumulated deduction amount
- Generates trip log on trip end, with duration, map, distance traveled, and corresponding deduction amount
- Automatic email of trip log
- Ability to view previous trip log
- Automatic Roll over Tax Rates

Compatible Devices

AppleQuickTime Agent, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad
GoogleGooglebot iPhone