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Satski App - Satski, the world's best-selling GPS ski & snowboard app for four years running, has now been completely redesigned for the iPhone for the 2011/2012 season. Satski provides live speed, vertical and distance with real-time location, navigation and tracking on easy-to-read trail maps. . Maps are loaded to your phone so No Roaming charges to run apps while skiing. Choose from hundreds of trail maps from ski areas in 12 countries. No data connection necessary, once the map is downloaded, Satski is free to use anywhere in the world.

Other app features include photo geo-tagging, resort information, snow & weather, emergency features and more.

/// NEW! Facebook & Twitter Social media is integrated right into the app. Post a customized message and a screenshot of your ski day that includes vertical, top speed, distance, duration and what mountain you skied.

/// NEW! Satski On-Line Community Included FREE with the purchase of the Satski app is membership in the on-line Satski Community at There, users can upload their ski day, replay it on the trail map, track vertical, track days skied and connect with ski buddies via social media. Perhaps best of all, your FREE membership gives you the chance to communicate and your buddies and to review and see your stats on line plus being able to see whats available from our ski industry partners.

Please Note: All GPS applications rely on the GPS signal attained by the phone. Should this signal be weak or intermittent, the GPS geo-positioning of the app will be reduced. Please visit website for tips on maximizing GPS performance.

For more information and a complete list of ski area maps, visit

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Compatible Devices

AccentTouareg8 3G
AcerZ160, Z150, Z120, Z110, X960, V370, V360, TPA60W, S510, S500, S300, S120 (Liquid Metal), S120, S110 (Stream), S110, S100, P300, Liquid Z3, Liquid Express e320, Iconia Tab A500, G100W, E400, E350, E330, E310, E210, E140, E130, E120, E110, B1-A71, B1-720, B1-711, B1-710, Acer S300, Acer S200, Acer S100 (Liquid), Acer P400, Acer F900, Acer E3
AdvanVandroid T5D, Vandroid T5-B, Vandroid T5-A, Vandroid T3I, Vandroid T2C, Vandroid T1J, Vandroid T1I, Vandroid T1F, Vandroid T1-E, Vandroid T1-D, Vandroid T1-C, Vandroid T1-B, Vandroid T, Vandroid S5E, Vandroid S5D, Vandroid S5-F, Vandroid S5-A, Vandroid S5, Vandroid S4A, Vandroid E1-C, Vandroid E1-B, Vadroid O1A, T5C, T2CI, T1G, T1Ci, S5E,
AinolNumy 3g AX1, Novo9 Spark, Novo7 Venus, Novo Discovery, Novo 7 Fire, Novo 7 Crystal, Novo 7 Basic, Novo 7 Aurora
AirisT480 (T480), N10040
AlcatelVodafone 861, Venture, v860, OT-T60, OT-T10, OT-EVO7HD, OT-EVO7, OT-997, OT-995, OT-993, OT-992d, OT-991, OT-990s, OT-990a, OT-990, OT-986, OT-985N, OT-985D, OT-983, OT-981a, OT-980A, OT-980, OT-960C, OT-930d, OT-922, OT-918N, OT-918D, OT-918, OT-916, OT-910, OT-909B, OT-908s, OT-908F, OT-908, OT-906, OT-903D, OT-903, OT-891 Soul, OT-890D,
AllviewV1 Viper, AX2 Frenzy, AllDro p5, A5 Duo, A4all
AlpsHX-M02, Baoxue P1000, AKL M501, 1Phone5
AmazonKindle Fire HDX 8.9, Kindle Fire HDX 7, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HD 7.0, Kindle Fire HD 7", Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire, Kindle 3, KFTT, KFSOWI, KFOT, KFJWI
AmoiN828, E72
AmpeN10-QM, A85, A78, A77, A76, A65, A10-QM
AndroidSDK, qsd8250_surf, Generic (Axis), Generic, Dev Phone 1, Acer E320-orange, A606
AndromaxAD687G, AD683J
AOCMW0812, MW0731, MW0712, MW0711
AppleiPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad
Arc MobileTab700M, Nitro 500D, 720M 3G
ArchosAN10DG3, A80KSC, A70S, A70HB, A70BHT, A32, A28, A101IT, 97 Carbon, 80G9, 80 Xenon, 80 Titanium, 80 G9, 80 Cobalt, 8 Home Tablet, 7C, 70c, 70b, 70, 53 Platinum, 5, 45 Platinum, 101G9, 101 G9
ArnovaGBook, Arnova 9 G3, Arnova 9 G2, Arnova 8c G3, Arnova 8 G3, Arnova 8 G2, Arnova 7f G3, Arnova 7d G3, Arnova 7c G2, Arnova 7b G3, Arnova 7b G2 DT, Arnova 7 G3, Arnova 7 G2, Arnova 10b G2, Arnova 10 G2, ARCHM901, AN7HG3, AN7G2I, A80ksc, 97g4, 90 G4, 9 G2, 7C G2, 10B G3, 101 g4, 10 G2
AsusVodafone 1520, TF700T, TF300TG, TF300T, TF201, TF101, T00Q, T00J, T00i, T00G, T00F, SL101, PadFone Infinity, Padfone 2, PadFone, P750, P735, P552w, P552, P550, P527, P526, P505, P320, O2 Xda Zest, ME372CG, ME371MG, ME302KL, ME302c, ME301T, ME173x, ME172V, M930, M530w, K012, K00Z, K00F, k00C, garmin-asus-Nuvifone-M10, GalaxyMini, GalaxyII,
AudiovoxSMT 5600
AveaIntouch 3, Intouch 2
Avvio790, 765, 760
AxiooVigo 410, Vigo 350, Picophone 4, Picopad QGN, Picopad GGG, Picopad GGD, Picopad GGA, Picopad GFI, Picopad GEW, Picopad GCE, Picopad 5 Gea
Barnes and NobleNOOK Tablet, Nook, BNTV600, BNTV400, BNTv250, BNRv200, BNRv100
BBKVivo Y1, Vivo V1, Vivo S7, Vivo E3, Vivo 4.3
Be UnitedDM903
BenQP51, P50, E72
Best Buy InternationalEH7LE
BinatoneHomesurf 742
BitmoreTab 1020
BlissPad R8015, Bliss Pad A9730
BluVivo 4.65, Touchbook 7.0, Tigo, Tank 4.5, Studio 5.5 S, Studio 5.5, Studio 5.0s, P100, Neo JR, Life View, Life Play, Dash jr, Dash 3.5, Dash 3.2, D590, D530, D510, D500, D230, D120, D100
BlusensTouch96, Touch90
BmobileAX650, AX540
BQVoltaire, Maxwell Plus, Maxwell Lite, Elcano, Edison, DaVinci, Darwin, Curie, Aquaris
BravaVega DM-990, DM-993, DM-992A, DM-992
BrondiGladiator 2
BSocialUR-A38, AW710
ByondPhablet Piii, B63, B51 Plus, B51
CarrefourCT710, CT705, CT704, CT1010, CT1002, CT 1001, A101b
CasioC811 4G, C771
CasperVia A6108
CCETR71, TR101, SM70, SK402, SK351, Motion Plus SK504
CelkonCT910, CT888, CT3 Tab, CT2 Tab, CT1 Tab, CT-910, AR50, AR40, A98, A97i, A97, A95, A90, A9+, A9 Plus, A9 Dual, A89, A88, A87, A86, A85, A83, A8 Plus, A79, A77, A75, A67, A66, A64, A63, A62, A60, A59, A58, A27, A225, A220, A200, A20, A19, A15, A119Q, A118, A112, A107 Plus, A107, A101, A10
Celular GenesisGP-501
ChangHongV7, H7, ChangHong V7
Cherry MobileX8, W900, W380, W120, W110, Thunder 2.0, Superion, Spark TV, Spark, Sonic, S320, S280, S180, S150, Q820, Q360, M-1038, Life, Hyper S250, H120, H100, Flare 2x, Flare 2.0, Flame 2, Cosmos X2, Bubble
China GenericMK808b, M720, E1108 V73, B4000, A088
China PhoneX920E, T6188, S930, S313, N7100, Mini 9300, Liyang Z9, L925 l1020, I9500, GT-A7100, G22 MTK6515, E1911 Series, E1908 Series, E1901 Series, E1109 v73, E1107, BP-I9300
China TabletWP 5200, TWD MID, TR720F, T753, T730, T15a, PTM Series, POM Series, P5100, P2000, N900, MSM7227, MID970, MID704, MID-A13, MID-756, MID, MD700, M752HC, M705VWBC, M702VM, M15GC702P, l29i, L29, KingTop977, Kingtop 915, I7S, Hexing77, HBD-761I, GS701B, Gpad, Eidolon15 Nand GB2, E1909c Series, E1809L Series, E1809c Series, DEM752H Series, C3100
Cincinnati BellBlaze
CloudfoneThrill 400g, ICE 350E, Excite 504D, Excite 501D, Excite 402D, 700D, 500G, 430X, 400G, 352G, 350I
CnMTouchpad 9, Touchpad 8DC, Touchpad 7DC, Touchpad 10DC
CobyMID9742, MID9740, MID9042, MID8127, MID8125, MID8065, MID8048, MID8042, MID8024, MID7125, MID7120, MID7052, MID7051, MID7048, MID7047, MID7042, MID7038, MID7036, MID7035, MID7034, MID7033, MID7032, MID7026, MID7024, MID7022, MID7016, MID7015, MID7014, MID7012, MID7011, MID7010, MID4331, MID1126, MID1125, MID1045, MID1042, MID1024
CommtivaN700, Blaze
CoolpadD530, 9900, 801EM, 7295, 7260, 7235, 7019, 5950, 5891, 5860e, 5218S, 5210
CraigCMP741e, CMP741D
Craig ElectronicsCLP281X
CreativeZiiO7, ZiiO 7, ZiiO 10
CriusQ7A Plus, Q7A
CromaCRXT 1125
CrossAT1G, Andromeda A25, A7S, A66, A5, A27, A2, A1G, A1
CubeU9GT 2, U30GT, K8GT
CubotX6, P9, One, GT72E
CynusT5, F5, F4, E1
CyrusOne, EVDO 1000, Apel
D2D2-912_BK, D2-721_BK
DanyGenius Tab G4, Genius Tab G3
DapengA75, A7 3G
DellXCD35, XCD28, Venue, Streak 7, Streak, GS01, Grappa, Aero, 3iX
DialogK35, K235, I43, I35
Discovery MobileElite
DMD MobileM3 Communicator
DNSS4501M, M973W, E74
DoCoMoXperia arc, Tab LTE F-01D, SO-04D, SO-03D, SC-05D, SC-02E, Regza T-02D, Regza T-01D, Panasonic P-07C, N-04D, L-06d Optimus Vu, L-06C, L-04C, Fujitsu F-08D, Fujitsu F-03D, F-10D, F-05D
DooviEva D7
DoPoT711 Tablet, T708 Tablet
DopodU1000, S900, S710, S700, S500 (HTC Vogue 200), S1, P860 (Beacon), P800W, P660, M700, D818c, D810, D805, D600, CHT 9100, C800 (Herald/Wing/Atlas), C730, C500, A6288, A3288, 900, 838Pro, 838, 818Pro, 595
DracoTekTablet P27
E-Sea ElectronicT1001
E-telI7, I6, I4, I3
EkenW80, W70, T01A, M009s, M005, A90
ElsonCynus T2
EmobileS31HW, S21HT, S12HT (EMonster Lite (S12HT)), S11HT (Emonster)
Energy SistemS10 Dual
EraG2 Touch, G1
ETENX800, X500
EtisalatSmart Phone
EvercossAT1G, A7T, A5, A28A, A26C, A26b
EvertekEverTrendy, Evershine, Everglory, EverFancy D40
ExMobileExNote, EX7201
ExplayX-Tremer, Squad 7.82 3g, MID710b, Advance, A350
FeitengH7100, GT-N9300, GT-I93000, GT-I9300
FlyIQ451, IQ450 Quattro, IQ450, IQ447, IQ446, IQ445, IQ442, IQ441, IQ440, IQ430, IQ285, IQ255, IQ245, IQ238, IQ230, F41s, F40, F351, F350
FreelanderPX2, PD10
FujitsuM532, ISW11F, F-08D, F-07D, F-06e, F-05D, F-04e, F-03D, F-02F, F-01D
G FiveSpark, President G9, F600, Bravo, A77, A68
G-TideE9, E8, E77, E66, E60, E57, E50
Garmin-AsusA50, A10
GeminiGEM10313BK, GEM10312BK
General MobileE-Tab10
GenericWindows Mobile 7, Windows Mobile (Opera), Windows Mobile, Teleca-Obigo, IEMobile 8, Generic, Firefox Mobile (Fennec), Android Tablet, Android Mobile, Android 5.0 Mobile, Android 4.4 Mobile, Android 4.3 Mobile, Android 4.2 Tablet, Android 4.2 Mobile, Android 4.1 Tablet, Android 4.1 Mobile, Android 4.0 Tablet, Android 4.0 Mobile, Android 3.2
Generic WindowsPocket PC
GenesisSK-S150, GT7250, GT7220s, GT-7340, GT-7325, GT-7245, GT-7204, GP501S
GFiveSpark, President G9, Bravo, A77
GigabyteT600 (g-Smart), T600, GSmart Tuku T2, GSmart MS800, GSmart Maya M1, GSmart GS202, G-Smart, Boston, Alto
GioneeS101, Pioneer P4, Pioneer P3, Pioneer P2, Pioneer P1, Pioneer, P2S, P2, Gpad G2, Gpad G1, E6, E5, E3, Ctrl V4, Ctrl V3, Ctrl V1
GloAW 550D
GO LiveS1
GocleverTAB M7841, I102
GoogleNexus S 4G, Nexus One, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Ion, Ice Cream Sandwich
GpadG2, 701
GrundigGTB 701, GR980, GR660, GR-TB7
HaierHW-W910, HG-9041
HCLU1, Me Tablet Y3, Me Tablet Y1, Me Tablet X1, Me Tablet V1, Me Tablet U1, Me Connect 2G, Connect v3
HDCS4, I9300, GT-H9500, Galaxy S3Pro, A9100
HeroJY139, 9300+, 9300
Hi-TechS450, S200, S100 Amaze, HT-808, Amaze Tab, Amaze S400, Amaze S330, Amaze S250, Amaze S200 3g
HighscreenYummy Duo, Alpha Rage
HisenseM470bse, M470BSA, HS-U939, HS-U909, HS-U8, HS-U1, HS-E860, EG98, EG970, EG950, EG906, EG680, E910, E270BSA, ad683g
HitechS100 Amaze, Amaze Tab
HKCP886A, P776A, P774A, P771A
HPTouchPad, Slatebook 10 x2 PC, Slate 7, Slate 21, Slate 10 HD, iPAQ Voice Messenger, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ rw6800, iPAQ hw692x, iPAQ HW6925, iPAQ HW6915, iPAQ HW6515, iPAQ HW6510, iPAQ HW6500, iPAQ H6300 series, iPAQ H5450 series, iPAQ Data Messenger, iPAQ 910, iPAQ 6900, iPAQ 610, iPAQ 510 (Voice Messenger)
HTCZ715E, Z710E, Z710A, Z560E, Z520M, Z520E, Z321E, XV6975 (Imagio), Xda IIs, Xda II Mini, X920E, X7510 (Advantage), X7500, X710S, X710E, X710A, X525A, X515M, X515E, X515C, X515A, X325C, X325A, X315e, X315, X310E, X02HT, X01HT, Wizard/Prodigy, Wildfire S, Wildfire, Wave, Wallaby, VPA Touch, Voyager, Vox, Volans (Softbank X03HT), Volans, Vogu1
HTC CorporationLegend, G2 (HTC Sappire),
HTMGT-T9500, A6
HuaweiY600-U20, Y530-U00, Y511-u30, Y511-U251, Y511-U10, Y511-U00, Y511-T00, Y330-U11, Y330-U05, Y330-u01, Y320-U30, Y320-u151, Y320-U10, Y320-U01, Y310-T10, Y310-5000, Y301-A2, Y301-A1, Y300-0151, Y300-0100, Y300-0000, Y300, Y220-U10, Y220-U05, Y220-U00, Y210-2010, Y210-0251, Y210-0200, Y210-0151, Y210-0100, Y210-0010, Vodafone 858, Vodafone 84
i-matePDA L, K-JAM, JASJAM (Hermes), Jaq3 (Pebble), JamIn (Dopod 830), JamIn, JAMA, JAM, 9502, 8502
i-mobileIQ9.1, IQ X, IQ 9, IQ 6, IQ 5.6a, iq 5.6, IQ 5, IQ 2, IQ 1, i858, i810, i680, i-Style Q5, i-Style Q4, i-Style Q3, i-Style Q2, i-Style 8, i-Style 7a, i-Style 7.2, i-Style 7.1, i-Style 7, i-Style 6, i-Style 5, i-Style 3, i-Style 2, i-Style 1, i-Note
iBallSlide I9702, Slide i7119, Slide i7011, Slide I6030, Slide 3G 7334, Slide 3G 7271, Slide 2G 7227, iBall Andi 3e, Andi5 E7, Andi4v, Andi4a Radium, Andi4.5q, Andi4.5d Quadro, Andi4.5 Ripple, ANDI3.5, Andi107, Andi 5LI, Andi 5H Quadro, Andi 4D, Andi 4.5z, Andi 4.5Q, Andi 4.5H, Andi 4.3J, Andi 4-B2, Andi 3N, Andi 2, Andi 107, 3g9728, 3g7334i
iBerryAuxus Nuclea N1, Auxus Note 5.5
IdeaZeal, Ultra, Aurus III
IMOTab Z7, Tab Z5, S900, S89, S88, S79, S78, S68, Normandy
InfinixX570, X530, X502, X501, X500, X451, X450, X401, X400, X351, X350, Joypad, Buzz
InoOne Plus
Ino MobileOne
INQ MobileCloud Touch
InsigniaNS-14T004, NS-14T002
IntexM747, iBuddy Connect, iBuddy 3, i-Buddy Connect 3G, i-Buddy 7, I Buddy Connect - 3G, G32, Cloud Y7, Cloud Y5, Cloud Y4, Cloud Y3, Cloud Y2, Cloud Y17 Plus, Cloud Y17, Cloud Y1, Cloud X5, Cloud X4, Cloud X3, Cloud X2, Cloud X12, Cloud X1, Avatar IT-M809rc, Aqua Y2, Aqua Wonder Quad Core, Aqua Wonder, Aqua Trendy, Aqua SX, Aqua Style, Aqua S
ItelIT1500, IT1400, IT1351, IT 1402
JiayuJY-G4, JY-G3, JY-G2, G2
K-TouchW780, W700, W650, W619, Q4, A11
KarbonnTitanium S9, Titanium S5, TA-Fone A39 HD, Ta Fone A37, Ta Fone A34, ST8, ST10, Smart Tab1, S5, S2, S1, A91, A9+, A9 Star, A9 Plus, A9, A8, A7+, A7 Star, A7 Plus, A7, A6S, A6, A5i, A51 Plus, A51 Lite, A51, A50, A5 Star, A5 Plus, A5, A4+, A4 Plus, A4, A30, A3+, A3 Plus, A3, A29, A27 plus, A26, A25, A21 Plus, A21, A2+, A2, A19, A18 plus, A16,
KataVenus 3, T2, i1
KDDIISW13HT, ISW11SC, IS11T, IS06, IS04, Gzone IS11CA, A01
KoboTouch, K107-KBO-B, K080, Arc 7
KocasoM9200, M776, M760, M752, M736, M730
KoganAgora Quad Core
KT TechKM-S300, KM-S200, KM-E100, EV-S100
KurioKurio 7, 4s, 10s
KyoceraUrbano Progresso, M9300, M6000 (Zio), ISW11K, Honey Bee 101K, E6782, E6710, E4000, C6750, C6730, C6721, C6522n, C5215, C5170, C5155, C5133, C5120
LanixS50, S400, S200, S115, S105, S100, Ilium S700
LavaZ7C, S12, N400, N320, Iris505, Iris458q, Iris X5, Iris X1, Iris N400, Iris N350, Iris N320, Iris 504Q, Iris 503, Iris 502, Iris 501, Iris 456, Iris 455, Iris 454, Iris 430, Iris 408E, Iris 405 plus, Iris 405, Iris 404E, Iris 402, Iris 401e, Iris 400Q, Iris 356, Iris 355, Iris 354E, Iris 352E, Iris 351, Iris 350M, Iris 350, Iris 349+, Iris
Le PanMode de vie TC970, Le Pan S, Le Pan II
LemonP9, P8, P7, P5, P3, P2, P101, P100, P10, A1
LencoTAB-702, Cooltab 72
LenovoThinkPad Tablet, S9, S890, S880, S850, S820, S750, S720, S680, S660, S650, S6000L-F, S6000-F, S560, S2109, P780, P770, P700i, P700, P70, OMS Android, K900, K860, K1, Ideatab S6000-H, Ideatab A1000L-F, IdeaTab A1000-G, IdeaTab A1000-F, IdeaPad A1, i921, ET860, ET600, B8000-H, B8000-F, B6000-HV, B6000-H, B6000-F, A880, A859, A830, A820, A800
LenoxxTB-50, TB-120
LeovoIdeaTab A1000-G
LGVS985 4G, VS980 4g, VS950 4G, VS950, VS930, VS920, VS910 4G, VS910, VS876, VS870, VS840 4G, VS840, VS740, VS700, VS660, VS450PP, VS410PP, VS410, Vortex, VM696, VM670, V909, V900, V500, V410, US855, US780, US760, US740, US730, US670, SU950, SU880, SU870, SU760, SU660, SU640, SU540, SU370, P999, P993, P990H, P990, P970H, P970, P940, P936, P9
LGUPlusLGUPlus/WindowsMobile/WebViewer, LGUPlus/WindowsMobile/FaceBook, LGUPlus/Android/Webviewer, LGUPlus/Android/WebKit
Logic PDLogicPD Zoom2
LogicomTab950, Tab750, Tab1050, E500
M-TechaTAB 7, A2 infinity
M4telSS990, SS880, SS660
MachSpeedX-Treme, Trip Stealth 9, Trio Stealth G2, Trio Stealth 8, Trio Stealth 10, Trio Stealth, Trio 97c
MagiconM39 Sawy, M3 Atom, M2 Elegante, M2, M1
MajesticTAB 493 3G, Tab 379 3g, Tab 174
MaximusMax908, Max905, Max903i, Max902, Max 903, Max 300
MaxtronVentus, New 8A, MG-555, MG-391
MaxwestOrbit Z50, Orbit 5400, Orbit 4600, Android 3100
MaxxMSD7, GenxDroid7, AX8, AX5 Duo, Ax5, AX353, AX352S, AX352
Maxx MobileAX353
MaylongT-200, M-270
MediacomSmartpad7503G, SmartPad 970 S2 3G, Smart Pad 875 S2 3G, MP75S23G, MP1010, M-MP940M, M-MP876S2, M-MP875S2, M-MP85S23G, M-MP7S2A3G, M-MP721m, M-MP720M, M-MP711I, M-MP700, M-MP5303G, M-MP1040M, M-MP1010I, 95S23GW
MedionLifetab S9714, LifeTab S9512, LifeTab P9516, LifeTab P9514, Lifetab E7316, Lifetab E7312, Lifetab E10316, Lifetab E10312, E4002
MegafonSP AI, MT3A, MS3A
Meizum9, M353, M351, M040, M032
MemupSPNG9716DC, SPNG9708, SP708C, SP704C
MercurymTab Neo2, mTab Neo
MeuAN500, AN400, AN200
MicrodigitM700G, EX020D
MicromaxP650, P600, P560, P500, P410, P362, P360, P350, P300, P275, MT500, A96, A94, A92, A91, A90s, A89, A88, A87, A85, A80, A78, A77, A76, A75, A74, A73, A72, A71, A69, A68, A67, A66, A65, A63, A62, A61, A60, A59, A58, A57, A56, A54, A52, A51, A50, A47, A46, A45, A44, A40, A37B, A37, A36, A35, A34, A310, A30, A3, A28, A27, A26, A250, A25, A240,
MicrosoftPocket PC, KIN Two, KIN One
MIDWM8850, T900, Serials, M9100, M032, A-13
MiniS4, S3
MinixNeo-x7-216a, Neo 4G
MitacMio A701, Mio A700 (Digi Walker), Mio 8390 (Digi Walker)
MitoT970, T520, T510, T300, T100, A800, A78, A355, A322, A220, A200, A15, 9800
MobiistarTouch S30, Touch Lai 5.0
Mobile Wireless GroupZinc II
MobistelCynus T2, Cynus F3
MotorolaZeppelin, XT926, XT925, XT920, XT919, XT918, XT916, XT915, XT914, XT912, XT910, XT907, XT905, XT901, XT897, XT894, XT890, XT885, XT881, xt875, XT865, XT862, XT800W, XT800, XT760, XT720, XT702 (Milestone), XT702, XT701, XT687, XT682, XT681, XT626, XT621, XT615, XT611, XT610, XT605, XT603, XT560, XT556, XT550, XT535, XT532, XT531, XT530, XT5
MPmanMPDC8 BT, MP969, MP888
MSIPrimo 91, Enjoy 71, Enjoy 10 Plus
MTNSmart S720
MTSMTag353, Mtag 7, MTag 352, MTag 351, Mtag 3.1, Mtag 281, Livewire SP-100
MultilaserOrion, M8, M7-S
MultipadPMP5080B, PMP3084B
MyPhoneTS1 Duo, Agua Storm, Agua Rio, Agua Rain 3G, Agua Rain 2g, Agua Iceberg, A919I, A919 Duo, A898 Duo, A888 Duo, A858 Duo, A848 Duo, A818 Duo, A618 TV Duo
NECN-06D, N-06C, N-05D, N-04D, N-04C, N-03E, N-01D, 101N
NeoOmnipad M71
NeonodeN2, N1
NexianNX-A899, NX-A895, NX-A7500, NX-A712, MI731, MI320, A850
NextbookNXM908HC, NXM901, NXM803HC, NXM726HN, NXM703U, NX008HD8G, NEXT8P12, Next7S, NEXT7Q12, Next7P12-8G, NEXT7P12, Next7d12, NEXT7C12F, Next2, Next 7s, Next 10p12, M803HC, 8P12
NGMWilco, WeMove Polaris, Wemove Legend 2, Stylo, Orion, Forward Infinity, Dynamic Maxi, Action
NinetologyZ1, X1, T8700, P1 I8400, i9430, I7520, I5350, i5300
NokiaXL, X6, X, N8, N70, N2730c, C2-01
NuqleoZinq 7, Quantum 7
NvidiaTegranote P1640
O2XDA/Trion, XDA/NEO, XDA/Mini, XDA/Exec, XDA/Atom Life, Xda Zinc, XDA Stellar, XDA Stealth, XDA Star, XDA Serra, Xda Orbit II, Xda Orbit, Xda Nova, XDA Mantle, XDA Ignito, Xda Flint, Xda Flame, XDA Diamond Pro, XDA Diamond, XDA Comet, Xda Atom Life, Xda Atom Exec, Xda Atmos, Xda Argon, Windows Mobile
OdysSpace, Loox, ADM816KC
OlivettiStarTim1, OP110, Olipad 70, OliPad 100
ONDATT101, TQ150, Mid 7
OnePlusOne A0001
OnidaI666, I555, I101, I010, G515
ONNTiger 3G
Oplus8.75 Android, 8.7 Android, 8.37 android, 8.36z Android, 8.36 Android, 8.31z Android, 8.15 Android, 8.12 Android
OppoX909T, X909, X907, X9015, U707, U7011, U701, T703, R831K, R831, R829, R827, R821, R819T, R819, R815T, R815, R8113, R8111, R803, R801, R1001, N1, Find X903
OpssonIvo6655, Ivo6622, Ivo 6677, IVO 6600, IDO 5000, D1
OrangeZali, Yumo, TB700, SPV M700, SPV M650, SPV M5000, SPV M500 (HTC Charmer), SPV M3100, SPV M3000, SPV M2000, SPV M1500, SPV M1000, SPV E650, SPV E610, SPV E600, SPV E200, SPV E100, SPV C700, SPV C550, SPV C500 (Typhoon), SPV C200, SPV C100, Reyo, Hiro, Boston, AZ210a
Oregon ScientificOP0118-12
OrinoquiaAuyantepui Y210
PalmTreo850e (Treo Pro), Treo850, Treo/500v, Treo 850, Treo 800w, Treo 750w, Treo 750, Treo 700VX, 750
PanasonicT31, T11, P51, P11, P-02D, P-01D, Eluga Power P-03E
PandigitalSuperNova, Star, R80B400, R70B200, PRD07T10WWH7, Planet, P1HR, OPC1, Novel Black, Nova E, Nova
PantechSKY IM-A630K Izar, SKY IM A600S (Sirius), PTL21, P9090, P9070, P9060, P8010, P8000, P4100, IS11PT, IM-T100k, IM-A880S, IM-A870S, IM-A870L, IM-A870K, IM-A860s, IM-A860L, IM-A850S, IM-A850L, IM-A850K, IM-A840S, IM-A830L, IM-A830K, IM-A820L, IM-A810S, IM-A810k, IM-A800S, IM-A780L, IM-A770K, IM-A760S, IM-A750K, IM-A740S, IM-A730S, IM-A720L, IM
PCDPCD787, ADR21, ADR1105
PendoPendoPad PP4MT-9, PendoPad PP4MT-7, Pad 8
PentaWS802c, WS707C, WS703c, T-Pad IS703C, T-Pad IS701C
PhilipsW8510, W832, W732, W626
Piere CardinM701
PiPOS1, M9Pro, M5-3G, M1
PiranhaBusiness Tab 7, Business III Tab 10.1, Business II Tab 9
PlumZ401, Link
PocketBookSurfpad2, A7, A10
PolaroidS8, PMID920, PMID1000, MIDC801, MIDC497, MIDC410, MIDC409, MIDC407, MID0738, MID0714
PolytronW7451, W2500, W1320, S2350, PW1100S
PositivoYPY S450, YPY S350
PrestigioPMP7280C3G, PMP7170B3G, PMP7100D3G, PMP7074B, PMP5780D, PMP5588C, PMP5580C, PMP5297C Quad, PMP5101C QUAD, PMP5097CPRO, PMP5080CPRO, PMP3670B, PMP3570C, PMP3384B, PMP3270B, PMP3084B, PAP5500DUO, PAP5450Duo, PAP5400DUO, PAP5300DUO, PAP5044DUO, PAP5000TDUO, PAP4500TDUO, PAP4322DUO, PAP4055DUO, PAP4044DUO, PAP4040DUO, PAP3540DUO, PAP3500 DUO,
ProscanPLT8088, PLT7777, PLT7223G, PLT7044K
QMobileZ4, S10, S1, QTAB Q100, Noir A8i, A950, A900, A8, A7, A65, A6, A500, A5 Classic, A5, A3, A2 Classic, A2, A11 Note, A10, A1
QtekXda II, S100, A9100, 9090, 9000, 8080, 8010
RageOptima Smart, OPS 35D
RCARCT6378W2, RCT6077W2
RIMBlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 9000
SamsungYP-GS1, YP-GP1, YP-GI1, YP-GB70, YP-G70C, YP-G70, YP-G50, YP-G1, Sprint SPH i350 (Intrepid), SPH-P500, SPH-P100, SPH-M950, SPH-M930, SPH-M920, SPH-M910 (Intercept), SPH-M910, SPH-M900 (Moment), SPH-M900, SPH-M840, SPH-M830, SPH-M820-BST, SPH-M820, SPH-M580, SPH-l900, SPH-L720, SPH-L710, SPH-l600, SPH-l520, SPH-L300, SPH-I325 (ACE), SPH-D71
SaneiN79, N10-QM, N10-4core, N10
SansuiSA42G, SA40
SFRStarXtrem, Startrail iii, Startrail II, StarText 2, Startext, Staraddict ii plus, Staraddict II, Staraddict, Star Trail 4
SharpWS020SH (Willcom 03), WS011SH (Advanced W-Zero), SHL22, SH8118u, SH80F, SH631W, SH530U, SH-13C, SH-12C, SH-09D, SH-04D, SH-03C, SH-02D, SH-01E, SH-01D, SBM103SH, SBM102SH, S01SH (EM-ONE), IS13SH, IS12SH, IS11SH, IS05, IS03, IS01, DM009SH, Aquos SHL23, ADS1, 203SH, 103SH, 006SH, 005SH, 003SH
Shenzhen ViotaM500
SiemensSX66, SX56
SimvalleySPX-5 3G, SPX 5, SP-60
SK TelesysS100
SkyNano, IM-A810K, IM-A800S, IM-A750K
SkyworthS73, S71
SmartfrenTab 7, S7, New Andromax-I, E860, Andromax U, Andromax C, Andromax AD682J, AD688G, AD683G, AD681H
SmartQV5, K7
SoftbankDM009SH, 104SH, 102P, 003Z, 001DL
SoftwinerN01, KF026, F761
SoftwinerEvbTab, 8
SonyTablet S, ST27I, ST27A, ST26I, ST26A, ST25I, ST25A, ST23I, ST23A, ST21I2, ST21I, ST21A2, ST21A, Sony Xperia Z2, SOL23, Sol22, SOL21, SO-05D, SO-04E, SO-04D, SO-03E, SO-02F, SO-02E, SO-01F, SO-01E, SGPT211, SGPT13, SGPT12, SGPT111, SGP512, SGP321, SGP312, SGP311, S39H, NWZ-1000, MT27i, MT25I, LT30P, LT30AT, LT29I, LT28I, LT28H, LT28AT, LT26
Sony EricssonMT11, LT26ii
SonyEricssonX8A, X2, X1i (Xperia), X1a (Xperia), X10iv (Xperia X10), X10iv (Xperia 10), X10i (Xperia X10), X10I, X10a (Xperia X10), X10a (Xperia 10), X10A, WT19i, WT19a, WT19, WT13I, W390, U20i (Xperia X10 Mini pro), U20i, U20a, ST27i, ST25i, ST18i, ST18A, ST17I, ST17a, ST15i, ST15A, SO-03D, SO-03C, SO-02D, SO-02c, SO-01D, SO-01C, SO-01B (Xperia X10),
SophixTab 740 G
SpiceMI-725, MI-720, MI-700, MI-550, MI-535, MI-530, MI-515, MI-510, MI-509, MI-506, MI-505, MI-504, MI-502, MI-496, MI-495, MI-492, MI-491, MI-450, MI-437, MI-436, MI-435, MI-426, MI-425, MI-424, MI-423, MI-422, MI-410, MI-360, MI-356, MI-355, MI-354, MI-353, MI-352, MI-351, MI-350, MI-349, MI-320, MI-315, MI-300, MI-280, MI-1010, IV, Android
SprintX325c/APX325CKT, Titan (Mogul), SPH-ip830w, PPC6800 (Mogul), PPC 6600 (Vision), 6700 (Apache)
StarX920, S5, N9500, N8000, N800, N1020, I9220, I9100, G510, A5, A3, A2000
Star MobileHit
StarmobilePlay, Knight, Goal, Energy, Diamond, Crystal, Astra
StarTimTab 7
Storage OptionsScroll Extreme, Scroll Excel
SumvisionCyclone Voyager
SuperSonicSC-74JB, SC-72JB, SC-1007JB
SwipeWalk n Talk, Fablet F1
SymphonyZii, Xplorer W35, Xplorer W25, Xplorer W15I, Xplorer W140, Xplorer W10, Xplorer T8I, Xplorer P8, W92, W85, W82, W72, W71, W69, W68, W66, W65, W60, W32, W30, W22, W20, W16, W150, W128, W125, T8Q, T7I, H100
T-MobileU8680, U8651T, Shadow II / Cleopatra, Shadow, Pulse Mini, Pulse, Opal, myTouch4G, myTouch Slide, myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch, MDA Vario V, MDA Vario IV, MDA Vario III, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Touch, MDA Pro, MDA III, MDA Compact IV, MDA Compact, MDA Ameo, Leo, Juno, Garminfone, G2 Touch (HTC Sappire), G2 Touch, G1, C800, Atlas (Herald/Wing/Atla
TabuletTroy Duos 3G, Troy 2
Taiwan MobileT1
TakeKM-S220, KM-S200
Tata DocomoN7000
TCLS800, S600, J620, C990, A996, A990, A988, A968, A966, A919, A890
TeclastA15, A10
TecnoTecno F7 Phantom A, T3, S9, S7, S5, S3, R7, Q1, P9, P5, P3, N9, N7, N3, M7, M5, M3, L3, H5, F8, F7, F5, D9, D5, D3, D1, B3
TelechipsM801 Evaluation Board
TelenorSmart, One Touch
TeletalkX130 HD
TelstraT760, T60, T12, T-Hub2
TescoHudl HT7S3
THLW8s, W8, W200, W100, A2, A1
ThomsonTLink 350
TitanPC7058ME, 720F
TMNSmart A18
TorqueDroidz Race X
ToshibaX01T/G900 (Softbank X01T), TG01, IS04, G910_G920, G810, G500, Folio 100, AT7-A, AT300SE, AT300, AT270, AT200, AT1S0, AT10LE-A, AT100, AT10-A
TouchmateTM-MID880, TM-MID720, Tablet, MID790
TrekstorVT10416-1, TSP21, Surftab 7.0
TrekstoreSurftab 7.0
TrioM4302, 7c
TrueCorpTrue Beyond 3G, Go Live S1, Beyond 3G Tab
Turbo-XTablet Spice III
TurkcellT40, T21, T20, T11, MaxiPRO5, MaxiPlus 5
Ubislate7C Plus
UltratabU2, C725
UTStarcomXV6800 (Verizon), XV6175, SMT 5800, PPC6800 (Mogul), MP6950 SP (Sprint), MP6900 SP (Sprint)
Velocity MicroT510, T410, T408, T301, PS47, Cruz T410, Cruz T408, Cruz T301
Velocity MobileVelocity 103 VGA
VeneraVolt V2
VerizonXV6900, XV6850, Touch Pro2 XV6875, SMT 5800, Droid2, Droid
VersusTouchpad 7, Seven-X2-B, 7DC
VeryKools758, s732, S450, s350
VideoconVT75C, V7400, A55, A51, A47, A45, A30, A27, A24, A22, A20, A15
Vido MiniOne M1
ViewSonicVS14006, VP10, ViewPad7, Viewpad 7d, ViewPad 4, V10E
Visual LandVL-110
VivoXplay, X3T, X1
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas), VPA Compact ii, VDA GPS, v1640, v1605, v1510, v1415, SmartTab III 10.1, SmartTab II 10, Smart Tab III 7, Smart Tab 7, Smart Tab 10, Smart 4G, SFR V3650 (Polaris), SFR v1615, Compact S, 985N, 975N, 975, 945, 875, 785
VoiceXtreme V30, Xtreme V20, Xtreme V10, V850, V70, V40
WaltonPrimo X1, Primo R2, Primo NX, Primo N1, Primo N, Primo H2, Primo GH2, Primo GH, Primo G4, Primo G3, Primo F4, Primo F3I, Primo F2, Primo F1, Primo E1, Primo D3, Primo D2, Primo D1, Primo C2, Primo C1, Primo
WellcoMA99, A88
WeltbildCatNova8, Cat Nova 8
WexlerTab7ID, Book T7006
WikoStairway, Ozzy, Iggy, Darkfull, Cink Slim, Cink King, Cink
WinAccordCT 704
Windows MobileSmartphone, Pocket PC
WintouchQ75S, Q75, Q74, Q73
Wiz AeroT-518
WolderMitab Manhattan, Mitab Funk, Mitab Air
WonderMediaWM8650, WM-8880-MID
WoxterZielo D15, Tablet PC 97 IPS, Tablet PC 50 BL
WynncomG32, G1
XiaomiMI-ONE Plus, MI-ONE C1, MI 3W, MI 3, MI 2s, MI 2A, MI 2, MI 1s, MI 1 SC, MI 1 C1, HM 1SW
XOLearning Tablet
XoloX910, X900, QC800, Q900, Q800x, Q800, Q700s, Q700i, Q700, Q600S, Q600, Q500, Q3000, Q2000, Q1100, Q1010i, Q1000S, Q1000 Opus, Q1000, Play, B700, A800, A700, A500S Lite, A500s IPS, A500s, A500L, A500 Club, A1000
XtouchX817, X716s, X714, X708S, X507S, X507, X506 3G, X506, X405, X403, X401, PL71
YarvikTAB9-200, TAB474, TAB465EUK, TAB410, TAB210, TAB10-201, TAB07-200
YifangNXM805, M727, M722
Young WayM5000
YxtelG928, G926, G905, G006
ZekiTBDB763B, TBD753B, TB782b
ZenUltrafone 701HD, Ultrafone 502, Ultrafone 501, Ultrafone 304, Ultrafone 303, Ultrafone 302, Ultrafone 102, Ultrafone 101, U5, U4, U1
ZigoNebula 6.9, Eon3I, Eon 5i
ZopoZP990, ZP980, ZP900 Leader, ZP300 plus, C2
ZTEZTE X990, Z998, Z995, Z993, Z992, Z990g, Z990, Z930L, Z796C, Z788G, Z768G, Z750C, Z740, Z665C, X850, X501 Groove, X501, X500, Vodafone 1231, Vivacity, VF945, V9C, V9A, V987, V985, V970M, V967S, V960, V96, V9, V889s, V889M, V889D, V880h, V880+, V880, V875, V860, V859, V857, V856, V852, V829, V821, V8110, V809, V8000, V795, V793, V791, V790,
ZTE CorporationZTE N855D
ZyncCloud Z5