Disneyland MouseWait Social Wait Times

Disneyland MouseWait Social Wait Times
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"MouseWait 2.0 is LIVE with TONS of new features! *iOS4 Compatible* with multi-tasking. Make sure you have at least 4.0 to utilize all the new features. If you are having any issues please email us at info@mousewait.com and we will help fast.
""MouseWait provides a wealth of information for both casual and frequent visitors to the Disneyland Resort. It does exactly what it claims and more, and it does it extremely well. If you have plans to visit the Disneyland Resort in the future, or are an Annual Passholder, this app is an absolute must."" Danny Amezcua, Macworld
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Compatible Devices

AppleQuickTime Agent, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad
GoogleGooglebot iPhone

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