Balance Your Life

Balance Your Life

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"Software for the right balance.
With ""Balance Your Life"" the user will playfully be able to get familiar with his own areas of life and easily realize how much attention and time he devotes to which areas.
The ease of use and the real life concept makes the application unique. The user enters his areas of life into the software and evaluated every 24 hours the previous day, via a very simple point system. At the end a simple statistics shows the balance, which was determined by the actions of the user. It is so easy to keep your life in sight now!
The software also supports the memory, because the user is asked every day to remember what he did yesterday. The daily assessment also leads to changes in the own weighting of events and could long-term lead to the stabilization of new activities or provide the incentive to try new things and change the own self-image and feeling positive.The software is suitable, inter alia, to support and stabilization during or after a work-life balance coaching. "

Compatible Devices

AcerAcer E101
AlcatelOT-C825 (One Touch), OT-C820, OT-C707, OT-C701 (One Touch), OT-C652a, OT-C652, OT-C552, OT-C550, OT-880A (One Touch Xtra), OT-708A (Vodafone Alcatel 541), OT-606A (Chat), OT-606 (Chat), OT v770, OT V570, OT S920, OT S686, OT S680, OT S626A, OT S621, OT C820, OT C701 (One Touch), OT 808A, OT 808, OT 800, OT 708 (Vodafone Alcatel 541), OT 70
AmoiM630, M515, Levis The Original, E72, E5
AsmobileVS400, Kingcom Injoy MS02, Castor
AsusZ801, Vodafone 1520, V80, P735, P552w, P552, P550, P527, P526, P505, P320, O2 Xda Zest, M930, J501, J206, GalaxyMini, ASUS-GalaxyMini2
AudiovoxSMT 5600, CDM-8915 (Snapper)
BellwaveFino30, Anasta
BenQZ2, S82, P51, P50, P30, Morpheus, MD 300H, 3200
BenQ-SiemensSL80, SF71, S88, S81, S68, EL71, EF91, EF81, EF61, EF51, E71, E52, CL71, C81
BirdV780, V750, SC17c, S918, k505, K298, E818, D730, D720, D718, D615, D611
DoCoMoP905iTV (Viera), L-01A
DopodU1000, S900, S700, S500 (HTC Vogue 200), S1, P860 (Beacon), P800W, P660, M700, D818c, D810, D805, D600, CHT 9100, C800 (Herald/Wing/Atlas), C730, C500, 900, 838Pro, 838, 818Pro, 595
ElsonSL900, EL490, EL370
EmobileS21HT, S12HT (EMonster Lite (S12HT)), S11HT (Emonster)
FlySX310, SX305, SX300, SX240, SX230, SX220, SX210, SX205, SL399e, MX330, MX230, MC170DS, M130, LX600 (Mega), LX500, HT2 (Fly HUMMER HT2), HT1 (Fly HUMMER HT1), Fly V100, E300, E105, DS500, B700 Duo, B600, B400, 2040L, 2040
GenericWindows Mobile
GigabyteGSmart MS800
GrundigGR980, GR660
HPiPAQ Voice Messenger, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ HW6925, iPAQ HW6915, iPAQ 6900
HTCX7510 (Advantage), X7500, X02HT, X01HT, Wizard/Prodigy, Wave, Vox, Volans (Softbank X03HT), Volans, Vogu100 P3050, V7505 (Vodafone s710), TyTN II, Typhoon/Feeler/Sonata/Amadeus, Trinity, TouchFLO, TouchDual (Nike), Touch2 (T3320), Touch2, Touch/6900, Touch Pro2 T7373 (Rhodium 100), Touch Pro (Raphael 100), Touch HD T8285, Touch HD T8282 (B
HuaweiVODAFONE 840, VODAFONE 830i, Vodafone 830, Vodafone 810, Vodafone 720, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 715, Vodafone 710, V835, V736, V720, V1240, U9130, U7519, U7517, U7510, U7315, U626, U550, U526, U3315, U3310, U3307, U3200s, U1310, U1305, U1250 (MTC), U1250, U1215, U1211, U121, U1205, U120, U1107, T7200, HUAWEI U7515, HUAWEI U5705, H11HW, G6610
i-matePDA L, K-JAM, JASJAM (Hermes), Jaq3 (Pebble), JamIn (Dopod 830), JamIn, JAMA, JAM
INQ MobileQ1 218H, Q1 200H, INQ1, INQ Q1-200H (Chat 3G), INQ B1 200H
K-TouchH899, H888, A7722
kddiTS3O, SH001, biblio
KonkaM526, D319
KyoceraVodafone 736, M2000 (G2GO), KX5, K612B (Strobe), K612 (Strobe), K325 (Cyclops), C4700
LenovoS9, P768, P709, P50, i909, i817, i300, A689
LGVX9700 (Dare), VX9600 (Versa), VX-9200 (enV3), VX 9700 (Dare), VX 9600 (Versa), VX 11000 (enV Touch), UX840 (Tritan), UX700, U990, U970 (Shine), U960, U900, U890, U880, U8500, U8380, U8360, U8330, U8290, U8210, U8200, U8180, U8150, U8138, U8130, U8120, U8110, U450, U400, U370, U310, U250, TU750, TU575, TG800 (Chocolate), TE365 (Neon), T515
MicromaxX600, X550, Q7
MitacMio A700 (Digi Walker), Mio 8390 (Digi Walker)
MitsubishiM900, M800
ModeLabsVirgin_1, myWAY touch
ModuT, 1
MotorolaZN5, ZN300, ZN200, Z9 (RAZR), Z6W (MOTOROKR), Z3 (MOTORIZR), Z10 (RAZR), XT800, X701, WX390, W840 (Quantico), W760r (Hurricane), W7 (MOTO Active Edition), W6, W510, W490, W396, W220, VE66, VE 465, V9x (MOTORAZR 2), V9m (MOTORAZR 2), V980, V975 (Tyax), V950, V9 (MOTORAZR 2), V880, V878, V868, V80, V8 (RAZR2), V8 (MOTORAZR), V710, V690, V635
MyPhoneTV21 (DUO), Q22 (Duo), Q22, Q21, B23 (Duo), B22 Duo, B21
NECN908, N840, N110, e949, e540, E373, e353, e242, e238, e228, e121, E101
NexianNX T922, NX T911, NX T780, NX G922, NX G912, NX G901, NX G821, NX G801, NX D980
NokiaX7-00, X6, X5-01, X5-00, X3-02, X3-00, X3, X2-05, X2-02, X2-01, X2-00, SoftBank X02NK, Softbank 705NK, Nokia X6-00.1, Nokia Asha 201, Nokia Asha 200, NC3-01, N97i, N97 mini, N97, N96-3, N96, N95 8GB, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N91, N90, N86, N85, N82, N81, N80, N8-00 (N8), N8, N79, N78-2, N78, N77, N7610 (Supernova), N76, N75, N73-2, N73, N7230,
O2XDA/Trion, XDA/NEO, XDA/Mini, XDA/Exec, Xda Zinc, XDA Stellar, XDA Star, XDA Serra, Xda Orbit II, Xda Orbit, Xda Nova, XDA Mantle, XDA Ignito, Xda Flint, Xda Flame, XDA Diamond Pro, XDA Diamond, XDA Comet, Xda Atom Exec, Xda Atmos, Xda Argon
OrangeSPV M700, SPV M650, SPV M5000, SPV M3100, SPV M3000, SPV E650, SPV C700, SPV C550, SPV C500 (Typhoon)
PalmTungsten C, Treo850e (Treo Pro), Treo850, Treo 850, Treo 800w
PanasonicX800, X701, X700, X500, VS7, VS6, VS3, VS2, SA7, SA6, MX7, MX6
PantechPU-C710, PG-C510, PG-C300, PG-C150, PG-C120, PG-8000, PG-6200, PG-3900, PG-3810, PG-3600J, PG-3500, PG-3300, PG-3000, PG-2800, PG-1900, PG-1600, PG-1500J, PG-1410, PG-1405, PG 331, PG 3210, P9020, P7000, GF500, G650, EUROPA U4000, C810 (Duo), C790 (Aladdin), C610, C520, C510, 6100, 3200, 1610, 1400, 1210, 1200
PhilipsXenium 9@9, W186, CT9A9G, 9A9W, 768, 660, 588
PhoneOneS901, S101, M506, M202
QtekXda II, A9100, 9000, 8010
Research In Motion Ltd.PM-8920
RIMBlackBerry 9700a, BlackBerry 9700 (Bold), BlackBerry 9650 (Tour2), BlackBerry 9650 (Bold), BlackBerry 9630 (Tour), BlackBerry 9550 (Storm2), BlackBerry 9300 (Curve 3G), BlackBerry 9105 (Pearl 3G), BlackBerry 9100 (Pearl 3G), BlackBerry 8900 (Curve), BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition), BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8707v, BlackB
RT240x320, 176x220
SagemVodafone 527, VF533, VF526, myZ-55, MYZ-5, MyX8, myX6-2 (Bird D600), myX6-2, MyX6, myX5-2m, MyX5-2, myX-7, myX-6-2, myX-5-2T, myX-4T, myX-4, myW-7, myV-76, MyV-75, MyV-65, myV-56, myV-55, myS-7, myC5-3, myC5-2T, myC5-2, myC4-2, myC-4, MY901C, my850C, my750X, my730C, my700X imode, my700X, My600x, MY600V, my511X, MY501X, my501C, MY419X, MY41
SAMART i-mobile5210
SamsungZV40, ZV30, Z560, Z540, Z520, Z510, Z320i, Z310, Z130, Z110, Z105U, Z100, X620, SPH-M800 (Instinct), SPH-M610, SPH-M540, SPH-M520, SPH-M510, SPH-M350, SPH-M300, SPH-A920, SPH-A900P, SPH-A880, SPH-A800, SPH-A795, SPH-A790, SPH M810 (Instinct), SPH M560, SPH M550 (Eclaim), SPH M510, SPH M330, SPH A940, SPH A790, SGH-ZX20, SGH-ZV60, SGH-ZV10,
SanyoSCP-6600 (Katana), MM-8300, 8400
SharpWX-T71, WS020SH (Willcom 03), V802SH, TQ-GZ200S, TQ-GZ200, TQ-GZ100T, TQ-GZ100S, TQ-GZ100, TQ-GX17, TQ GX29, TQ GX25, TQ GX18, TQ GX15, TQ GX F200, TM200, SX813, STX2 (FX), S01SH (EM-ONE), GX29, Alex-uo, 902SH, 802SH, 770SH, 703SH, 550SH
SiemensSXG75, ST60, SP65, SL91, SL7F, SL75, SL65-China, SL65, SK6R, SK65, SG75, S88, S81, S75, S6C, S66, S65, S57, S56, S55i, S55, S1160, MT65, ME75, M81, M75, M65i, M65C, M65, EF91, EF51, E81, CXT70, CXT65, CX75, CX70, CX65 China, CX65, CV65, CT66, CT65, CL75, CFX65, CF76, CF75, C81, C75, C72, C66, C65-China, C65, C62, A70, A65
SkyspringX900, SP710
SoftbankWX-T91, SX833, DM002SH (Disney Cinderella), 933SH, 932SH (Aquos), 931SH (Aquos FullTouch), 931SC (Omnia Pop), 930SH, 930SC (Omnia), 923SH (Aquos), 922SH (Communicator), 921T, 921SH (Fullface2), 921P (Viera), 920T, 920SH YK, 920SC (Photos), 913SH (Fullface), 912T, 912SH, 911T, 911SH, 910T (Softbank 910T), 910SH, 904T, 904SH, 903T, 903SH, 90
SonyEricssonZ800i, Z800c, Z800, Z770i, Z750i, Z750a, Z710i, Z710c, Z710, Z555i, Z555a, Z550i, Z550c, Z550a, Z550, Z530i, Z530c, Z530, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z520, Z500a, Z500, Z320i, Z320a, Z310i, Z1010, X1i (Xperia), X1a (Xperia), WT13i, W995a, W995, W958c, W950i, W950c, W950, W910i, W908c, W902plus, W902, W900i, W890, W888c, W888, W880iv, W880i, W880c
SpiceS940, S900, M6464
SprintTitan (Mogul), PPC6800 (Mogul)
T-MobileShadow II / Cleopatra, MDA Vario V, MDA Vario IV, MDA Vario III, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Touch, MDA Pro, MDA Compact IV, MDA Compact, MDA Ameo, Atlas (Herald/Wing/Atlas)
TCLe300, D628
TiphoneT78, T67, T33 (Opick), E88
Toshibavodafone 902T, V902T, TS608_TS30, TS 921, TS 705, TS 605, G500, 803
UriverSP500, Majestic1
UTStarcomXV6800 (Verizon), SMT 5800, Slice PCS-1400, PPC6800 (Mogul), MP6950 SP (Sprint), MP6900 SP (Sprint), GTX75 (Quickfire), GPRS778
Velocity MobileVelocity 103 VGA
VeneraVoyager V1
VerizonXV6900, XV6850, Touch Pro2 XV6875, SMT 5800
VertuVertuSignature, Unrecognized Vertu (Sirocco Edition), Signature, Constellation (Quest), AscentTi (Sirocco Edition)
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas), VPA Compact ii, VDA GPS, v1640, v1605, v1510, v1415, SFR V3650 (Polaris), SFR v1615, Compact S, 332
WellcoMW929, W9229, W920, W3329, W3309
ZTEZTE-F233, Yoigo F233, Yoigo F188, Vodafone547, Vodafone 1231, V8301, T6, T165i, T106, R6, R3100-Hollywood, R230, R220, R100, MTC840, G X760 (Sage), F951, F950, F870E, F866, F860, F858, F852, F608, F252, F230, F188 (Fastweb), F188, F160, F159, F107, F105, F102, e810, CG990, Bluebelt, AMC F188