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Mesa Info Booth delivers weather, news, stock quotes, dictionary, entertainment information, sports, games, RSS reader and more to your sexy cell phone! With Mesa Info Booth, you can get

RSS Reader - supporting image, podcast, and video! JSR-135 is required for podcast and videocast.
Weather - Up-to-date weather and forecasts for thousands locations worldwide.

News - All kinds of news with (optional) photos.

Stock - Stock quote, chart, technical indicators, company headlines, industry news, and market news.

Dictionary - Online dictionary supporting English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portugese, Arabic, and much more!

Entertainment - Movie information (opening in this week, coming soon, recommendation, top box office), and daily TV picks.

Sports - Sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB) news and scores.

Tetris - The No. 1 popular video game!

Gobang - also called Gomoku, Go-moku, or Connect Five. A traditional oriental strategy board game.

Bubblet - A clone of award-winning Windows Mobile game.

Blackjack - Play the No. 1 casino card game on your cell phone.

Minimum Network Transmission - reduce carrier's charge.

Compatible Devices

AlcatelVodafone331, OT-S319A, OT-C707, OT-C700A, OT-C700, OT V670, One Touch S218, Mandarina Duck
AmoiM630, 8512 (3 Skypephone), 8505 (3 Skypephone)
AppleiPod Touch, iPhone
AsusVodafone 1520, P735, P526, P320, M930, J501
AudiovoxCDM8615, CDM-8460T, CDM 8610VM, CDM 8150
BenQS80, S500, MD 300H, M305, M220, EF71
BenQ-SiemensSF71, E52, CL71, CF61, C31
BirdV788, SC17c, S918, S889 (Bird S889), S570, F518, F501, D736, D700, D615, A120
CompalXG799, XG655, XG5, XG3C, XG3, XG2, V800C, U8800, U8600, TG762D, TG762, S7110, S7100, HZ8, Chase 898, C8600, A618
DangerSidekick 4
DBTEL8038, 8036, 6669, 6588C, 6568, 6228, 2039
DoCoMoSO505iS, SO505i, SO503i, SO502iWM, SH903iTV, SH505iS, P505iS, P502i, NM502i, N900iS, N900i, N505iS, N505i, N504i, N502it, N502i, my411Ci, M702iS, L852i (Prada), L705iX, L704i, L602i, F906i, F901iC, F900i, F704i, F505iGPS, F505i, F504iS, F503iS, F502it, F502i, DoCoMo SH505i2, D904i, D505iS, D503iS
DopodP800W, D805, 900, 838, 818Pro
DorisWeb Browser
EricssonT68m, T68, T66, T65, T60d, T39m R2, T39m, T29s, T20e, T20, R380e, MC218, A2628, A2618
FlySX390, SX200, SX100, SLT100, SL500m, SL399e, SL300m, MX300, MX200i, LX600 (Mega), HT2 (Fly HUMMER HT2), HT1 (Fly HUMMER HT1), Fly V100, E105, B720 Duo, B600
GenericWindows Mobile (Opera), Windows Mobile, J2ME Midlet, Iris Browser
GigabyteGSmart MS800, G-Smart
HPiPAQ rw6800, iPAQ HW6915, iPAQ HW6500, iPAQ H5450 series, iPAQ Data Messenger, iPAQ 910, iPAQ 6900
HTCX7510 (Advantage), X7500, X01HT, Wave, Vogu100 P3050, V7505 (Vodafone s710), Universal, undefined, TyTN II (Pilgrim/Tilt), Typhoon, Trinity, Touch/6900, Touch HD T8282 (BlackStone), Touch Dual/P5520, Touch Dual/P5500, Touch Cruise/P3650, Touch 3G T3232, Touch, Tornado, T8290, S740, S710, S630 (Cavalier), S630, S621 (Excalibur), S620 (Excal
HuaweiVodafone 830, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 716, V720, v716, V715, U1305, C5588, C5330, C5320, C5100, C5005
i-mateK-JAM, Jaq3 (Pebble), JamIn, 9502
INQ MobileINQ1
kddiXmini, W65T, W65K, W64SH, W64S, W63H, W63CA, W62SH, W62PT, W62P, W62H, W61S, W56T, W53S, W53H, W53CA, W52T, W52SH, W52SA, W52S, W52P, W51SA, W51P, W51K, W51H, W51CA, W44T/T II/T III, W43S, W43K, W43H/H II, W42SA, W41SH, W41CA, W32SA, W31K/K II, W22SA, W21S, W21H, W11K, W11H, PENCK, neon, MA33, DRAPE, CA3A, C3003P, A5506T, A5505SA, A5501T,
KDDI-ToshibaW64T, A1304T II
KonkaM526, D363, D263, D161
KyoceraS2000i, Mako S4000, M1000, KWC-E1000, E4000, E1100 (Neo)
LCTX901A, X700B, TV320B, N500B, L310B, L300B
Lenovoi921, i919, I906
LGW800, VX9800, VX9700 (Dare), VX8800, VX8500, VX8300, VX8100, VX8000, VX7000, VX6100, VX6000, VX5500, VX5300, VX5200, VX4600, VX4500, VX3200, VX3100, VX-5400, VX 9400, VX 8600, VX 4700, VX 4650, VX 3450, VX 3400, vi5225, VI-125, U990, U900, U890, U880, U8550, U8380, U8360, U8330, U8290, U8210, U8200, U8180, U8150, U8138, U8130, U8120, U8110
MitacMio A701, Mio A700 (Digi Walker), Mio 8390 (Digi Walker)
MitsubishiM120770, DoCoMo D502i
MotorolaZN5, ZN4 (Krave), ZN200, Z8 (MOTORIZR), Z10 (RAZR), W755, W750, W6, W5, W396, W388, W385, W230, W220, VU204, VE20 (Vegas), VE 240, VE (Vegas), V9m (MOTORAZR 2), V980, V975 (Tyax), V950, V9 (MOTORAZR 2), V880, V878, V872, V870, V868, V860, V810, V8088, V800, V80, V8 (RAZR2), V730, V710, V70, V690, V66M, V66i, V66, V635, V620, V60i, v600i, V
NECN923, N917, N910, N908, N850, N830, N810, N8000, N800, N500, N200, e949, E373, e353, E122, e121, E1101
NexianNX250 D
NokiaTHR880i, NK601i, NK600i, N96-3, N96, N95, N93, N92, N91, N90, N85, N81, N80, N78-2, N78, N73-2, N73, N72, N71, N70, N-gage TM, N-Gage QD, N-Gage, N 95, N 83, N 77, N 76, N 75, E90 (Communicator), E75, E71, E70, E66, E65, E63, E62, E61, E51, E50, E 65, E 62, E 61i, E 60, 9500, 9300i, 9300, 9290, 9210i, 9210c, 9210, 9110, 8910i, 8910, 8890,
NovarranWeb Browser, nWeb BREW Browser
O2XDA Serra, Xda Orbit II, Xda Orbit, Xda Flint, XDA Diamond, Xda Atom Life, Xda Atom Exec, Xda Argon, COCOON
OndaN7100, N7010, N7000, N6000, N5050, N5020, N5010, N5000, N1030, N1010
OperaMini 3, Mini 2, Mini 1
OrangeTR1, SPV M500 (HTC Charmer), SPV M2000, SPV M1500, SPV E650, SPV E600, SPV C100
PalmTunx, Treo/500v, Treo 850, Treo 800w, Treo 750w
PanasonicP906i, P904i
PantechS100, PN-3200, PG 331, CDM8960, CDM 8960, C630
Philips9A9W, 588, 199
PhoneOneS101, M801, M202
Research In Motion Ltd.PM-8920, BlackBerry 7130e
RIMBlackBerry 957, BlackBerry 9500 (Storm), BlackBerry 950, BlackBerry 9100 (Pearl 3G), BlackBerry 9000 (Bold), BlackBerry 8900 (Curve), BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition), BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8707v, BlackBerry 8707, BlackBerry 8703e, BlackBerry 8703, BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 857, BlackBerry 8320 (Curve), BlackBerry 8
RT240x320, 176x220
SAGEMVF526, Porsche Design P9521, myX6-2 (Bird D600), my721X, my511X, my411C, my312X, MY214X, MC2007
Samsungzx 10, ZV50, ZV40, ZV30, zm 60, Z650i, Z560, Z540, Z520, Z510, Z320i, Z105U, z 500, z 140v, z 110v, Z 105v, X910, X620, X609, X530, VM-A680 (SPH-A680), SPHi700, SPH-N400, SPH-N300, SPH-M800 (Instinct), SPH-M620, SPH-M610, SPH-M540, SPH-M500, SPH-M310, SPH-M210, SPH-i500, SPH-i330, SPH-I325 (ACE), SPH-i300, SPH-A960, SPH-A920, SPH-A900M, SP
SanyoVI-2300 (SCP-2300), SCP3800 (Katana LX), SCP-4500
SharpTQ GX18, 902SH, 880SH
SiemensX55i, CF76, C66, AL21a, A71, A31C, A31a
SoftbankGeneric, DM002SH (Disney Cinderella), 922SH (Communicator), 921SH (Fullface2), 920T, 920SH YK, 920SC (Photos), 920P (Viera), 913SH (Fullface), 912T, 912SH, 911T, 905SH, 825SH (Pantone), 824SH (The Premium), 823SH (The Premium Texture), 821SH, 820SH (The Premium), 816SH, 815SH, 814SH, 813T, 813SH, 812SH s2 (Gent), 812SH, 810SH, 810P, 805SC,
SonyCMD-Z7, CMD-Z5, CMD-J7/J70, CMD-J5
SonyEricssonZ800i, Z800c, Z800, Z750i, Z710i, Z710c, Z710, Z700, Z610i, Z608, Z600, Z558i, Z555i, Z550i, Z550c, Z550, Z530i, Z530c, Z530, Z525i, Z525c, Z525a, Z525, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z520, Z500i, Z500a, Z500, Z320a, Z300a, Z300, Z208, Z200, Z1010, z 800 organic, X1i (Xperia), W980v, W960i, W950i, W950c, W950, W902, W900i, w900, W890iv, W880i, W880,
SpiceS808, S800, S8, S707, S7, S650, S640, C 810
SprintTitan (Mogul)
T-MobileShadow, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Pro, MDA III, MDA Compact, Juno
TCLe787, D308
TianyuKTouch V908
ToshibaTS608_TS30, TS 705, TS 608, TS 605, G910_G920, G810
Usha Lexus888B
UTStarcomGTX75 (Quickfire), CDM-8955, CDM-7126, CDM 7026, C711, 7126M, 1450M
VK MobileVK900, VK800, VK700, VK2030
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas), v1415, SFR V3650 (Polaris), SFR v1615, Compact S
VoxtelRX800, BD60, 3iD SkyMM
WinWAP TechnologiesWinWAP Browser v. 4.0, WinWAP Browser for Windows 4.0
ZTEVodafone 1231, T7, T165i, F912 (MD3), F912, F880, F868, F850, F260, F256, F230, F165, F159, F158, F151, D92 (TXTster), D90, C88, C79, 70W

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