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Super Mario Planet

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Find Mario in totally hilarious adventures in this hobbyist remake. In a tricky electric network, he will have to avoid roasting any second and learn how to cohabit with classic enemies ...

Super Mario decided to visit the big city. But to survive on these tangled power lines, while avoiding the many obstacles, Mario will have to play the game of his life!

Left/4 : move left
Right/6 : move right
Down/8 : move down one line. Press down to make Mario fall off the wire, the blue arrow lights up when there is a wire underneath Mario ; if he falls, he will land on it.
up/2 : jump. Keep pressing the button to jump higher.

Compatible Devices

AccessNetFront Ver. 4.1, NetFront Ver. 4.0, NetFront Ver. 3.5, NetFront Ver. 3.4, NetFront Ver. 3.3, NetFront Ver. 3.2, NetFront Ver. 3.1, NetFront Ver. 3.0
AcerPro80, Acer E101
AhongD23, D17, D15, D13, D09, D08
Airnessslide99, MK99, Air99
AlcatelVodafone331, Vodafone-543 (Miss Sixty), TH4, OT-S621A, OT-S520A, OT-S520, OT-S319A, OT-C825 (One Touch), OT-C820, OT-C717A, OT-C717, OT-C707, OT-C701 (One Touch), OT-C700A, OT-C700, OT-C652a, OT-C652, OT-C552, OT-C550, OT-905A, OT-902, OT-880A (One Touch Xtra), OT-880 (One Touch Xtra), OT-871A, OT-838, OT-813F, OT-810, OT-807A, OT-806D, OT
AlphaCell WirelessM5
AmoiV810, V600, NewYork, M636, M630, M515, M300, M30, Levis The Original, F99, F90, F9, F8, E72, E5, DF9, DA8, D89, D85, CS6, CA6, Berlin, A9B, A90, A500, A320, A310, 9201, 9109, 8710, 8709, 8512 (3 Skypephone), 8505 (3 Skypephone)
AsmobileVS400, Pav, Kingcom Injoy MS02, I-mobile 607, Castor
AsusZ801, Vodafone 1520, V80, V75, V66, P735, P552w, P552, P550, P527, P526, P505, P320, O2 Xda Zest, M930, M303, J501, J206, J102, J101, J100, GalaxyMini, GalaxyII, ASUS-GalaxyMini2
AudiovoxVI600, SMT 5600, PM-8920, PM-8912, CDM8615, CDM-9900, CDM-9500, CDM-9155-GPX, CDM-9100, CDM-8945, CDM-8940, CDM-8930, CDM-8920, CDM-8915 (Snapper), CDM-8912, CDM-8910, CDM-8900, CDM-8600, CDM-8500, CDM-8460T, CDM-8450SP, CDM-8450, CDM-8400, CDM-8300, CDM-8200, CDM-180, CDM-120, CDM 9155SP, CDM 8610VM, CDM 8150
B-MobileK298, EVE
BellwaveUP560, Neo200, Fino30, Anasta
BenQZ2, Vulcan, T60, S82, S80, S7001, S700, S680C, S670C, S668C, S660C, S500, P51, P50, P30, Nike1 S660C, Morpheus, MD 300H, M580, M350, M315, M305, M300, M220, EF71, C36, Athena S830C, A5001, A500, 3200
BenQ-SiemensSL80, SF71, S88, S81, S68, P51, M580, EL71, EF91, EF81, EF61, EF51, E71, E61, E52, CL71, CF61, C81, C31
BirdV89, V788, V780, V750, V59, V007, SM10, SC24, SC17c, SC14, S918, S889 (Bird S889), S789, S710a, S710, S701, S689, S580, S570, S305, S230, M19 (Bird M19), k505, K298, G118, F518, F501, E818, D736, D730, D720, D718, D700, D660, D615, D611, D610, A150, A120
Bleu651Z, 555X, 471x, 458x, 355X
CapitelF600, C8188
CheckComWAP Browser
CompalXG799, XG655, XG5, XG3C, XG3, XG2, V800C, U8800, U8600, U80, TG762D, TG762, S7110, S7100, HZ8, D77, Chase 898, C8600, A618
CricketCAPTR A200, A310 (MSGM8 II), A210 (CAPTR II), A100
Dai TelecomG83
DBTELT302, J6, D5, 8038, 8036, 6669, 6668, 6588C, 6568, 6228, 2039
DesktopHTML Web browser
DoCoMoT535i, T2101V, SO906i, SO905iCS, SO905i, SO903iTV, SO903i, SO902iWP, SO902i, SO706i, SO705i, SO704i, SO703i, SO702i, SO506iS, SO506iC, SO506i, SO505iS, SO505i, SO504i, SO503iS, SO503i, SO502iWM, SO502i, SO213iWR, SO213iS, SO213i, SO212i, SO211i, SO210i, Simulator II, SH906iTV, SH906i, SH905iTV, SH905i, SH904i, SH903iTV, SH903i, SH902iSL, S
DopodU1000, S900, S700, S500 (HTC Vogue 200), S1, P860 (Beacon), P800W, P660, M700, D818c, D810, D805, D600, CHT 9100, C800 (Herald/Wing/Atlas), C730, C500, 900, 838Pro, 838, 818Pro, 595
EDLC888 (Nucleus)
ElsonSL900, ESL808, EL490, EL399, EL370
EmobileS21HT, S12HT (EMonster Lite (S12HT)), S11HT (Emonster)
EnteosPURPLE A700, i-GO 620, i-GO 610, i-GO 600
EricssonWAP SDK, T68m, T68, T66, T65, T610, T60d, T600, T6, T39m R2, T39m, T29s, T20e, T200, T20, T100, R600, R520, R380e, R320, R280, MC218, A2628, A2618
EricyT61c, T60c, R278D
eTouchD35, D33, D11
EZIOSX200, SL388, NEX 800, MP500, EZIO-E800, EZ501, ESL808
EzzeSL308, SD588, Njoy, MP100, MM60, ME702, ME701, M4U, HG7000, EZ700, EZ600, EZ400, EZ100, E300, A5, 8352RC
FlyZ500, Z400, Z300, Z200, X3, V71, V55, V120, SX390, SX310, SX305, SX300, SX240, SX230, SX220, SX210, SX205, SX200, SX100, SLT100, SL600, SL500m, SL500i, SL399e, SL300m, SL130, SL110, MX330, MX300, MX230, MX200i, MX200, MP600, MP500, MC170DS, MC150ds, MC110, MC100, M140, M130, LX600 (Mega), LX500, IQ451, HT2 (Fly HUMMER HT2), HT1 (Fly HUMMER
GenericWindows Mobile, Transcoder, J2ME Midlet, Iris Browser, Bolt Browser
GHTTouch, Chat
GigabyteGSmart MS800
GioneeL7, L6, L10, I9, F6, A280, A10
GradienteVibe, GV-690, GV-230, GF970, GF950, GF760, GF500, GF-930, GF-910, GF-760, GF-690, GF-600, GC370, GC300, GC-370, GC-300, GC-202X, Concept GX2, Concept GX-2
GrundigM131, GR980, GR660, G600i, G550i, G411i, G410i, G402i
HaierZ3000, V7000, V100, T10C, P7, M260, M1610, M1000, HTIL-S210, HTIL V70, HG-A7, HG V70, HG M301, Haier-V7000, G3, Double Z702 (Dual Sim Card), A62, 1200P
HEDYM881, H797, H777
HisenseHS C3698, C1110
HPiPAQ Voice Messenger, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ HW6925, iPAQ HW6915, iPAQ 6900, iPAQ 510 (Voice Messenger)
HTCX7510 (Advantage), X7500, X02HT, X01HT, Wizard/Prodigy, Wave, Vox, Volans (Softbank X03HT), Volans, Vogu100 P3050, V7505 (Vodafone s710), TyTN II, Typhoon/Feeler/Sonata/Amadeus, Trinity, TouchFLO, TouchDual (Nike), Touch2 (T3320), Touch2, Touch/6900, Touch Pro2 T7373 (Rhodium 100), Touch Pro (Raphael 100), Touch HD T8285, Touch HD T8282 (B
HuaweiVODAFONE 840, VODAFONE 830i, Vodafone 830, Vodafone 810, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 720, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 715, Vodafone 710, V835, v810, V736, V720, v716, V715, V1240, U9130, U9120, U7520, U7519, U7517, U7510, U7315, U7200, U626, U6150, U6020, U5700, U550, U528, U526, U5200, U3315, U3310, U3307, U3300, U3205, U3200s, U1310, U1305, U1300,
i-matePDA L, K-JAM, JASJAM (Hermes), Jaq3 (Pebble), JamIn (Dopod 830), JamIn, JAMA, JAM
i-mobileTV 626, IE3250, 904, 903, 902, 901, 625, 613, 612, 611, 610, 609, 608, 607, 606, 604, 603, 602, 601, 600, 520, 519, 518, 516, 513, 510, 508, 318, 315, 308
iKoMoiK202, iK201
InfoSonicsVeryKool i250 (VeryKool)
INNOA10, 99, 90, 89, 55, 50, 30
InnostreamINNOA10_W2, INNO98, INNO50, INNO35, 2300
INQ MobileQ1 218H, Q1 200H, INQ1, INQ Q1-200H (Chat 3G), INQ B1 200H
K-TouchN77, H899, H888, A7722
KarbonnK451, K444
kddiXmini, W65T, W65K, W64SH, W64SA, W64S, W63SA, W63Kカメラ無し, W63K, W63H, W63CA, W62T, W62SH, W62SA, W62S, W62PT, W62P, W62K, W62H, W62CA, W61T, W61SA, W61S, W61PT, W61K, W61H, W56T, W55T, W54T, W54SA, W54S, W53T, W53SA, W53S, W53K/W64K, W53H, W53CA, W52T, W52SH, W52SA, W52S, W52P, W52H, W52CA, W51T, W51SH, W51SA, W51S, W51P, W51K, W5
KDDI-ToshibaW64T, A1304T II
KlondikeWAP Browser
KonkaM526, D363, D319, D263, D161, c908
KyoceraWX330K, Vodafone 736, Streak (Streak), SE47, SE44, S2410, S2300 (Torino), S2000i, S1300/0320 (Jax), S1300 (Melo), QCP2035, QCP-5135, Phantom (KX414), Mako S4000, M2000/AAN0314 (X-TC), M2000 (G2GO), M1400 (Laylo), M1000, KZ 830, KX9, KX5B, KX5, KX444c, KX2 (Koi), KX18 Jet, KX16, KX1, KWC-KX160B, KWC-K4xxLC, KWC-K323, KWC-Glide, KWC-E1000, K
LCTX901A, X880B, X845B, X700B, W660, TV320B, N500B, L310B, L300B
LemonIQ 707
LenovoV800, V707, V528, S9, S5, P960, P790, P780, P768, P709, P708, P50, i919, i909, i908, I906, i817, i720, i325wg, i300, E308, E307, E303, E228, A689
LGW800, W5200, W3000, VX9900, VX9800, VX9700 (Dare), VX9600 (Versa), VX9400, VX9100, VX8800, VX8700, VX8600, VX8550, VX8500, VX8350, VX8300, VX8100, VX8000, VX7000, VX6100, VX6000v2, VX6000, VX5600, VX5500, VX5300, VX5200, VX4700, VX4650, VX4600, VX4500, VX3300, VX3200, VX3100, VX10000 (Voyager), VX-9900, VX-9400, VX-9200 (enV3), VX-8700, VX
LongcosSK18, SK16D
M3 GateWap Browser
MAUI-based GenericMAUI WAP Browser
MaxonO2-X1i, O2-X1
MicromaxX600, X560, X550, X395, X288, X285, X263, X225, X210, X113, Q7, Q5, Q1
MicrosoftMobile Explorer
MitacMio A700 (Digi Walker), Mio 8390 (Digi Walker)
MitsubishiTrium Odissey M6b, Trium Eclipse, Trium 110, T250, MT560, Mondo, M900, M800, M750, M520, M430i, M420i, M350, M342i, M341i, M330, M222i, M21i, M172, M120770, DoCoMo D502i
MobellM590, M200i
MOBISTELEL680, EL580, EL550, EL520, EL480
ModeLabsVirgin_1, myWAY touch, myway Slim, MW200, MTV 3.0, Levi's - the original
ModuT, 1
MOMO DesignMD2
MotorolaZN5, ZN4 (Krave), ZN300, ZN200, Z9 (RAZR), Z8 (MOTORIZR), Z6W (MOTOROKR), Z3 (MOTORIZR), Z10 (RAZR), XT800, X701, WX404, WX400 (Rambler), WX395, WX390, WX295, W845, W840 (Quantico), W800, W766 (Entice), W760r (Hurricane), W755, W750, W7 (MOTO Active Edition), W6, W510, W5, W490, W450, W397, W396, W388, W385m, W385, W377, W375, W370, W360,
MyPhoneTV21 (DUO), S21, Q22 (Duo), Q22, Q21, MS28, B31, B23 (Duo), B22 Duo, B21
NECN923, N917, N910, N908, N900, N850, N840, N830, N820, N810, N8000, N800, N8, N710, N700, N630i, N6206, N600, N535, N525i, N500iS, N500i, N500, N412i, N411i, N410i, N401i, N400i, N344i, n343i, n342i, n31i, n22i, n21i, N200, N110, e949, e808, E616, e606, e540, E373, e353, e338, e313, e242, e238, E235, e232, e228, E122, e121, E1101, E101, DoC
Newgenx7, Topaz, T3, Mega-X, C610, C260
NexianNX250 D, NX-W750, NX-T909, NX-NXT901, NX-G889, NX-G869, NX-G868, NX-G857, NX-G730, NX-G508, NX-G353, NX T922, NX T911, NX T780, NX G965, NX G922, NX G912, NX G901, NX G821, NX G801, NX D980, G911
NokiaX7-00, X6, X5-01, X5-00, X3-02, X3-00, X3, X2-05, X2-02, X2-01, X2-00, THR880i, SoftBank X02NK, Softbank 705NK, Nokia X6-00.1, Nokia Asha 201, Nokia Asha 200, NK601i, NK600i, NC3-01, N97i, N97 mini, N97, N96-3, N96, N95 8GB, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N91, N90, N86, N85, N82, N81, N80, N8-00 (N8), N8, N79, N78-2, N78, N77, N7610 (Supernova), N76
NovarranWeb Browser, nWeb BREW Browser
O2XM, XDA/Trion, XDA/NEO, XDA/Mini, XDA/Exec, Xda Zinc, XDA Stellar, XDA Star, XDA Serra, Xda Orbit II, Xda Orbit, Xda Nova, XDA Mantle, XDA Ignito, Xda Flint, Xda Flame, XDA Diamond Pro, XDA Diamond, XDA Comet, Xda Atom Exec, Xda Atmos, Xda Argon, X4, Jet, COCOON
OndaN7100, N7010, N7000, N6000, N5050, N5020, N5010, N5000, N3020, N3000, N2030, N2020, N1030, N1020, N1010, N1000i
OperaOpera Mini for S60, Opera for Series 60, Mobi 4, Mobi, Mini 5, Mini 4, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini 1
OrangeTR1, Tokyo, SPV M700, SPV M650, SPV M5000, SPV M3100, SPV M3000, SPV E650, SPV C700, SPV C550, SPV C500 (Typhoon)
PalmTunx, Tungsten C, Treo850e (Treo Pro), Treo850, Treo700p, Treo 850, Treo 800w, Treo 755p, Treo 750w, Treo 750, Treo 700p, Treo 650, Treo 600, Centro, 750
Palm 3Eudora client
PanasonicX800, X77, X701, X700, X70, x68, X66, X60, X500, X400P, X400, X300, X200P, X200, X100, VS7, VS6, VS3, VS2, SC3, SA7, SA6, P906i, P904i, p342i, p341i, MX7, MX6, GD96, GD95, GD87, GD76, GD75, GD67, GD55, GD35, G70, G600i, G60, G51M, G51E, G50, A500, A210, A200, A100
PantechTXT8030 (Razzle), TXT8030, TX215, S100, PU-C710, PT-GI100J, PT-GF500, PT-GF260, PT-GF200J, PT-GF200, PT-GB200, PT-GB100, PT-G900, PT-G800, PT-G700, PT-G600, PT-G510, PT-G310c, PT-G310, PT-BG210, PT GB300, PN-E330, PN-3200, PN-320/CDM-8932, PN-215, PG-GF100, PG-G670, PG-C510, PG-C300, PG-C150, PG-C120, PG-8000, PG-6200, PG-3900, PG-3810, PG
PCDTXT8040 (Jest), TXT8026, C721, 1261
PhilipsXenium 9@9, X830, X800, X703, X600, X520 (Xenium), X501, X500, W186, VThin, V21, S890, PhilipsX100, Philips766, PHILIPS-P390, Philips-198, Ozeo, K700, Fisio 825, Fisio 822, Fisio 820, Fisio 639, Fisio 636, Fisio 630, Fisio 625, Fisio 620, Fisio 330, Fisio 311, Fisio 121, E210, E102 (Xenium), E100, CT9A9G, Azalis, 9A9W, 9@9Q, 9@9k, 9@9H, 96
PhoneOneS901, S101, M901, M801, M506, M505, M403, M402, M401, M302, M202
Porsche DesignP'9522
QMobileQ61, F220
QtekXda II, A9100, 9000, 8010
Research In Motion Ltd.PM-8920
RIMBlackBerry 9981, BlackBerry 9810, BlackBerry 9790, BlackBerry 9700a, BlackBerry 9700 (Bold), BlackBerry 9650 (Tour2), BlackBerry 9650 (Bold), BlackBerry 9630 (Tour), BlackBerry 9550 (Storm2), BlackBerry 9380, BlackBerry 9370, BlackBerry 9360, BlackBerry 9350, BlackBerry 9320, BlackBerry 9310, BlackBerry 9300 (Curve 3G), BlackBerry 9220, Bl
RT240x320, 176x220
SagemVS3, Vodafone 527, VF540, VF533, VF526, SG346i, SG345i, SG344i, SG343i, SG342i, SG341i, SG322i, SG321i, Sagem MY501C, PUMA Phone M1, Porsche Design P9521, P9521 (Porsche Design), P'9522 (Porsche Design), myZ-55, MYZ-5, MyX8, myX6-2 (Bird D600), myX6-2, MyX6, myX5-2v, myX5-2m, MyX5-2, myX3-2, myX2-2, myX-7, myX-6-2, myX-5m, myX-5e, myX-5d,
Sagem WirelessPUMA Phone M1/1.0
SAMART i-mobile5210
SamsungZV50, ZV40, ZV30, Z560, Z540, Z520, Z510, Z400, Z320i, Z310, Z130, Z110, Z105U, Z100, X910, X620, X609, X530, VM-A680 (SPH-A680), VI660, STH A255, SPH-N400, SPH-N300, SPH-M800 (Instinct), SPH-M630, SPH-M610, SPH-M575, SPH-M540, SPH-M530, SPH-M520, SPH-M510, SPH-M370, SPH-M350, SPH-M320, SPH-M310, SPH-M300, SPH-M250, SPH-M240, SPH-M210, SPH
SanyoVM-4500, VI-2300 (SCP-2300), VI-2300, SCP7050, SCP7000CA, SCP6650, SCP6600CA (Katana), SCP6000, SCP580 CN, SCP580, SCP5150, SCP4700, SCP3810, SCP3800CA, SCP3800 (Katana LX), SCP2700, SCP2500, SCP-PRO700CA, SCP-PRO700, SCP-9000, SCP-8500, SCP-8200, SCP-8100, SCP-7300, SCP-7200, SCP-7050 (SCP-7050), SCP-7000, SCP-6780 (Innuendo), SCP-6750, S
SavaJeSavaJeOS, Canary100ADVT
SendoX, W622, V663, S620, S600, S360, S330, S300, S251, S230, P600, M570, M550, J530
SharpZ800, WX-T71, WS020SH (Willcom 03), V802SH, TQ-V750, TQ-GZ200S, TQ-GZ200, TQ-GZ100T, TQ-GZ100S, TQ-GZ100, TQ-GX33, TQ-GX32i, TQ-GX31i, TQ-GX31, TQ-GX27, TQ-GX23, TQ-GX22S, TQ-GX22, TQ-GX21, TQ-GX20N, TQ-GX20i, TQ-GX17, TQ-GX13, TQ-GX12, TQ-GX10N, TQ-GX10m, TQ-GX1, TQ-GX-i98, TQ-GX-E30, TQ GZ1, TQ GX32, TQ GX30, TQ GX29, TQ GX25, TQ GX20, T
SiemensZ60, Xelibri 4, Xelibri 3, Xelibri 2, Xelibri 1, X55i, U35, U15, SXG75, SX66, SX65, SX1, ST60, ST55, SP65, SLIN, SL91, SL7F, SL75, SL65-China, SL65, SL5E, SL5C, SL56, SL55, SL50, SL45i, SL45, SL42i, SK6R, SK65, SI400i, Si341i, Si331i/CXi70, SG75, SFG75, SF65v2, SF65, S88, S81, S75, S6C, S66, S65, S57, S56, S55i, S55, S46, S45i, S45, S40, S
SkyspringX900, SP710
SkyworthT700, T650
SlobTrot SoftwareWinWAP Pro 3.1, WinWAP Pro 3
SoftbankWX-T91, V703SHf, V604T, V604SH, V603T, V603SH, V602T, V602SH, V601T, V601SH, V601N, V502T, V501T, V501SH, V403SH, V402SH, V401T, V401SH, V401SA, V401D, V303T, V302T, V302SH, V301T, V301SH, V301D, V201SH, V102D, SX833, J-T51, J-T09, J-T08, J-T07, J-T06, J-T05, J-T04, J-T010, J-SH53, J-SH52, J-SH51, J-SH09, J-SH08, J-SH07, J-SH06, J-SH05, J-
SonyPlayStation Portable (PSP), PEG-UX50, PEG-TJ37, PEG-TH55, CMD-Z7, CMD-Z5, CMD-J7/J70, CMD-J5
SonyEricssonZ800i, Z800c, Z800, Z780i, Z770i, Z750i, Z750a, Z710i, Z710c, Z710, Z700, Z610i, Z608, Z600, Z558i, Z558c, Z555i, Z555a, Z550i, Z550c, Z550a, Z550, Z530i, Z530c, Z530, Z525i, Z525c, Z525a, Z525, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z520, Z500a, Z500, Z320i, Z320a, Z310iv, Z310i, Z310a, Z300i, Z300a, Z300, Z250i, Z208, Z200, Z1010, X5, X1i (Xperia), X1a (X
SpiceS940, S920, S900, S820, S808, S800, S8, S710, S707, S705, S7, S650, S640, S600, S590, S570, S555, S5330, M940, M6464, M5252, D90, D-88, C 810, 5420
SprintTitan (Mogul), PPC6800 (Mogul), 6700 (Apache)
T-MobileShadow II / Cleopatra, MDA Vario V, MDA Vario IV, MDA Vario III, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Touch, MDA Pro, MDA Compact IV, MDA Compact, MDA Ameo, Atlas (Herald/Wing/Atlas)
TCLe787, e767, e300, D628, D308, A228, 718
Tel.Me.T919, T918
Telecom ItaliaAladino MMS
TelitTP100, t110, GU1100, GM910i, G83, G82, G80, 940, 882, 825, 824, 822
TianyuKTouch V908, B892, B832, B830, A615
TiphoneT78, T67, T33 (Opick), T30, E88
TopluxCG360, AG280
Toshibavodafone 902T, VM-4050, V902T, TS608_TS30, TS2li, TS222i, TS21iC, TS21i, TS10, TS 921, TS 705, TS 608, TS 605, T618X, T001, G500, CDM-9950, 808, 803
TTPComTTPComRef, B'Ngo
UbiquamU800, U520
UnistarM320, L100
UriverSP500, Majestic1
Usha Lexus888B, 848B
UtecT503, S800, B560
UTStarcomXV6800 (Verizon), UTS 7176M, TXT8010 (Blitz), SMT 5800, Slice PCS-1400, PPC6800 (Mogul), PCS 1450VM, PCD/gz1c731 (G'zOne Rock), MP6950 SP (Sprint), MP6900 SP (Sprint), GTX75 (Quickfire), GPRS778, GPFM1238, G'zOne Type-Z, G'zOne Type-V, G'zOne Type-S, CDM8975, CDM-8964VM, CDM-8955, CDM-8074VM, CDM-7126, CDM 8964, CDM 8950, CDM 7026, C711, 7
Velocity MobileVelocity 103 VGA
VeneraVoyager V1
VerizonXV6900, XV6850, Touch Pro2 XV6875, SMT 5800
VertuVertuSignature, Unrecognized Vertu (Sirocco Edition), Signature, Constellation (Quest), AscentTi (Sirocco Edition)
VideoconV1675, V1301
VitelcomTSM500, TSM-7i, TSM-7, TSM-6, TSM-5mt, TSM-5m, TSM-520, TSM-5, TSM-4, TSM-342, TSM-340, TSM-30, TSM-3, TSM-100v, TSM-100, TSM-1, 30i
VK MobileVK900, VK800, VK700, VK520, VK5000, VK4500, VK4000, VK2030, VK2020, VK2010, VK2000, VK200, VK1000, M-Three, 530
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas), VPA Compact ii, Vodafone 810, VDA GPS, v1640, v1605, v1510, v1415, SFR V3650 (Polaris), SFR v1615, Compact S, 655W, 547, 332
Vodafone ZTEIndie
VoxtelV310, V300, V100, UP200, RX800, RX600, RX200, RX100, BD60, BD40, 3iD SkyMM
WapsilonWAP Browser
WellcoMW929, W9229, W920, W839+, W819, W398, W3350, W3329, W3309, W189
WinWAP TechnologiesWinWAP Smarthpone Browser Emulator, WinWAP Browser v. 4.0, WinWAP Browser for Windows 4.2, WinWAP Browser for Windows 4.0
WonuS3, S1
ZondaZMTN815, ZMTN800, ZMTN615, ZMTN610, ZMTFTV20, ZMEM1085, ZMEM1075, ZMEM1070, ZMEM 1095, ZMEM 1090, ZMCK870, ZMCK740
ZTEZTE-F233, Z431, Z221, Yoigo F233, Yoigo F188, Vodafone547 (Vodafone Cute 547), Vodafone547, Vodafone 1231, V875, V8301, T90, T7, T6, T165i, T106, T100 (Life), T100, T-Mobile Vairy Touch II, Skate, Racer II, R830, R6, R3100-Hollywood, R260, R236, R230, R228, R220 (SFR 114), R220, R100, PLSC77ZTE, N290, N285, N281, MTV 4.0, MTC840, MD301H, J