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Java Mobile Java Mobile


Tiny Java Mobile Application displaying Athens(Greece) Metro Map. You can search locations over the map, scroll, zoom in/out.

Compatible Devices

AlcatelOT-C717, One Touch 756/757, One Touch 556/557/565, GlamPhone/ELLE-N1, ELLE NO3
AmoiD85, A320, A310, 8710
AudiovoxCDM-8915 (Snapper), CDM 8610VM, CDM 8150
BirdV788, S689, S580, F501, D736
DoCoMoSH906i, SH-01A, P-01A, Nec N906imyu, Nec N01A, N906i, N905i, N904i, F904i, F903i
GenericWindows Mobile
HPiPAQ HW6915, iPAQ H5450 series
HTCWave, TyTN II (Pilgrim/Tilt), TyTN II, Trinity, Tornado, S740, S710, S620 (Excalibur), P6500, P4550, P4500/TyTN/Hermes, P4350 (Herald/Wing/Atlas), P3700, P3600, DoCoMo Pro Series HT-02A, Artemis/Cruiser, 2125 (Faraday)
HuaweiVodafone 830, Vodafone 810, Vodafone 710, V715
i-mateJaq3 (Pebble), JamIn, JAM
kddiW65K, W61S, W53CA, W43CA, W31K/K II, talby, DRAPE
LenovoV707, S9
LGVX 8600, VX 4700, VX 3450, VX 3400, vi5225, U8100, u 400, TU575, TG 300, TD 6100, TD 6000, MX8550, MG810, LGE/KP202, LG/KU990/v1.0 (Viewty), LG/KU950/v1.0, LG/KF750/v1.0 (Secret), LG/HB620/v1.0, LG-LX165, LG-KM385, KT520, KP220, KG90, KG296, KF750 (Secret), KF245, KC780, Hero, HD 5330, HB620T, F1200, F 9200, f 720, CU 400, banana, 8100, 55
Mobile Wireless GroupZinc II
MotorolaZN200, Z8 (MOTORIZR), Z10 (RAZR), W5, VE538, V9m (MOTORAZR 2), V950, V8 (RAZR2), v600i, v38, V197, V177, V1075, T192m, ST7867, rizr z6, RAZR V3xxR (RAZR), RAZR V3m (RAZR), RAZR V3i (RAZR), RAZR V3 BLK (RAZR), RAZR V3 (RAZR), QA30 (Raspberry), Q9H, Q, PEBL V6, MPX100, MOTOROKR E8, i920, i870, i85s/i50sx/i55sr, i700+/i1000+, i500+/i550+, i41
NewgenC610, C260
NexianNX250 D
NokiaN85, 7650c, 7310 (Supernova), 7210 (Supernova), 6600, 6555c, 6500s (Slide), 6500, 6301, 6210 (Navigator), 6121c, 6120c, 6110 (Navigator), 6086, 5800d (XpressMusic), 5610 (XpressMusic), 5320 XpressMusic (XpressMusic), 5310XpressMusic (XpressMusic), 3587i, 3585i, 3555b, 3125, 2280/2285
O2Xda Orbit II, Xda Atom Life
OrangeSPV M500 (HTC Charmer), SPV M1500, SPV C200
PalmTreo 700p, 750
PantechPT-GF500, PT-GF200J, PT-G900, PN-3200, CDM 8960
QtekXda II
RIMBlackBerry 8830 (World Edition), BlackBerry 8707, BlackBerry 7100t (Charm)
SAGEMmy721X, MC2007
SamsungZV50, ZV40, Z105U, z 140v, z 110v, Z 105v, VM-A680 (SPH-A680), SPH-N300, SPH-M630, SPH-M620, SPH-M610, SPH-M500, SPH-i500, SPH-i330, SPH-I325 (ACE), SPH-i300, SPH-A960, SPH-A920, SPH-A900M, SPH-A880, SPH-A850, SPH-A840, SPH-A820, SPH-A800, SPH-A790, SPH-A760, SPH-A740, SPH-A720, SPH-A660, SPH-A620, SPH-A500, SPH-A460, SPH Z400, SGH-Z800, S
SanyoSCP-8100, SCP-7200, SCP-7050 (SCP-7050), SCP-6400, SCP-5300, PM-8200, PLS8200, PLS7400, PLS6600, MM7400, MM5600, MM-8300, 8100
SiemensSL42i, Si331i/CXi70, S88, S81, S1160, M81, EF91, EF51, cxv70, cxt66, cx66, cx65v, cx650, cv70, c75v, C66, c65v, cv70
SoftbankV703SHf, 912T, 905SH, 904T, 813T, 804SS
SonyEricssonZ710i, Z710, Z610i, Z550i, Z550c, Z550, Z530, Z525, Z520, Z500i, Z500, z 800 organic, X1i (Xperia), W950, W902, W880, W850, W810, W800, W760a, W750i, W710, W700, W600c, W300, V630, v 800 organic, T687i, T 68, S710i, S700, S500c, P1c, M600, K800, k758i, K750, K610, K510, k506, K310, K300, J300, f500, D730, C902, C123, A270, A100i
T-MobileSidekick II, Shadow, MDA Touch Plus, MDA Compact
UTStarcomGPRS778, CDM-7126, C711
Vodafonev1510, v1415
VoxtelV310, UP200, BD40
Windows MobilePocket PC
ZTEF868, F159, F150

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