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Java Mobile Java Mobile


Web messengers compatible with MSN, Web messengers compatible with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, Skype and Google

Compatible Devices

AndroidSDK, Dev Phone 1
AppleiPod Touch, iPhone
NokiaX6, THR880i, SoftBank X02NK, Softbank 705NK, NK601i, NK600i, N97 mini, N97, N96-3, N96, N95 8GB, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N91, N90, N86, N85, N82, N81, N80, N79, N78-2, N78, N77, N7610 (Supernova), N76, N75, N73-2, N73, N72, N71, N70i, N70, N6208c, N3600 (Slide), N2700 Classic, N-gage TM, N-gage QD TM, N-Gage QD, N-gage game D, N-Gage, N 95, N
RIMBlackBerry 9700 (Bold), BlackBerry 9630 (Tour), BlackBerry 9550 (Storm2), BlackBerry 9530 (Storm), BlackBerry 9520 (Storm II), BlackBerry 9500 (Storm), BlackBerry 9100 (Pearl 3G), BlackBerry 9000 (Bold), BlackBerry 8900 (Curve), BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition), BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8707, BlackBerry 8703e, BlackBerry

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