VITO Navigator II (Lite)

 VITO Navigator II (Lite)

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VITO Navigator II is our next gps navigation product, that inherits all advantages of popular VITO Navigator and includes many new features. Elaborated functionality combined with easy-to-use interface gives you unique GPS tool, working fine with the most of GPS receivers with NMEA 0183 protocol. Based on new modular structure, this application can be adjusted exactly for one's needs.
Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 devices!

With VITO Navigator II you can benefit by using plug-ins Plug-in (*.plg1 file) becomes menu item of Navigator II windows and provides specific information.

VITO Navigator II has several windows displaying important information about your trip. If you want to vary their content, then you should use the plug-ins. Click here to installs 6 plug-ins at once for the ARM/XScale platforms and here for the MIPS platform.List of available plug-ins for the ARM platform: Accelerometer plug-in for ARM Altimeter plug-in for ARM Clock plug-in for ARM Odometer plug-in for ARM RETRO plug-in for ARM Speed Chart plug-in for ARM DOWNLOAD all the plug-ins at once in one pack.

But this is not all! You can program your own plug-ins for the display windows. Read the manual for more information.

VITO Navigator II provides enhanced information about your current position heading/bearing on the destination waypoint track and waypoints recording for further use in navigation indication of GPS receiving conditions import of recorded tracks/points from Geocaching .loc and text .csv files New features user interface - full screen, color, very handy and easily adjustable improved map screen current coordinates panel number of active satellites displayed charge indicator reviewed settings system better sounds more events included plug-ins support

Pocket PC (XScale, ARM or MIPS), GPS receiver Windows mobile 2000/2002/2003, WM 5.0 QVGA, VGA screens not square aware

Compatible Devices

GenericWindows Mobile
HPiPAQ HW6515, iPAQ HW6510, iPAQ HW6500, iPAQ H6300 series
HTCS620 (Excalibur), P4500/TyTN/Hermes, P4350 (Herald/Wing/Atlas), P3300 (Artemis), Gemini, 2125 (Faraday)
O2XphoneII, xda-orbit, Xda mini, Xda IQ, Xda IIs, Xda IIi, Xda II, Xda exec
PalmTreo 750, Treo 700w
QtekXda II, 9090, 9000, 8080, 8010
T-MobileMDA Compact
VodafoneVPA Compact IV (Herald/Wing/Atlas)

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