Zeppelin Attack

Zeppelin Attack

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Zeppelin Attack is an action game from the period of II Word War. The player is using the airship to bombard various kinds of enemy objects which are protected by aircrafts and ground-based tanks. The player has to avoid airship collision with buildings. The game offers several levels of difficulty and missions.

Compatible Devices

HTCTyTN II, Artemis/Cruiser
LGMX8500, C3320, C3310, C3300, C2200, C1200
MotorolaV980, V80, V635, V620, V600, V551, V547, V525, V500, V400, V300, V290, V220, V185, v180, T725, Q9H, Q, E550, E398, C975 (Tyax), C651, C650, C380, 385
NokiaN91, N70, N-Gage QD, N-Gage, 8910i, 7650, 7610, 7250i, 7250, 7200, 6800, 6682, 6681, 6680, 6670, 6630, 6585, 6260, 6255, 6230, 6225, 6220, 6200, 6170, 6155i, 6155, 6152, 6111, 6108, 6101, 6100, 6060, 6030, 6021, 6020, 5100, 3660, 3650, 3620, 3600, 3595, 3560, 3530, 3510i, 3300, 3230, 3220, 3205 SPR, 3200, 3155i, 3155, 3152, 3125, 3120, 310
OrangeSPV C200
SamsungSGH-X460, SGH-P510, SGH-P400, SGH-E810, SGH-E715, SGH-E710, SGH-E310, SGH-E300, SGH-D100, SGH X480, SGH X450, SGH G810, SCH-A570, p 510, E 810, E 715
SiemensSL65, SK65, S65, S55, M65, CX70, cx66, cx65, C66, c65, C60
SonyEricssonZ800, Z600, Z500, Z1010, V800, T637, T630, T628, T620, T618, T616, T610, K750i, K700i, K700c, K700, K508i, K500i, K500c, k500, K300i, K300, J300, F500i, f500, D750i

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